Summary of the Magazine of the College of Islamic Sciences.

It was established in the first jammed 1428 hijraa which is June 2007 birthed, it is acutance of middy yearly, published many exactly researches in the legal sciences and humanity end education Islamic civilization and Arabic language.

The letters:
This Magazine have the main goal of it is to rise the legal of scientific .research ,for the university teaching staff by the acceptance the published the good researches through the sending of the exacting researches which sending to it and send it to the good staff and have specialists one in order to example the researches in exactly toShown the good and refused the bad one to published one .

The Aims
1-To distinguish the best one which is benefit for scientific academic research which write by university teaching staff through the whole ways of the knowledge and scientific production to offered the opportunity to published the research which are belong the teaching staff in the college or outside the college ,and with specialist and their benefits as whole such as the doctrine ,principles of religion , Al_Hadeeth sciences ,Quranic studies ,Islamic History ,Islamic economic ,Islamic educational sciences ,and educational bryologist sciences.

2-Increazed the communicate teaching with all researches from all university inside or outside in order to increased the storing research and given the research continuously and given the magazine in the research production in all the spaces of the scientific research itself .

3-Rising the equal of the published research. in the magazine in the way of the good staff member by the expert one who have the wide skilful by the communicate. The new research whom the have many kind of skilful in many specialists of whole fields.