ISSN: 1812-125X

Volume 8, Issue 18

Volume 8, Issue 18, Spring 2014, Page 400-838

The statement in the ways of increasing the knowledge of faith

Dr. Raid Salem Shareef

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 400-421

Faith is man's most precious possession. It increases and decreases-no the superior speech-and Its increase and decrease were proved, quoting and in Mind. The honest Muslim endeavors to complete His faith, with a transition from the certitude science to The certitude itself, to the certitude right. In order to reach the climax of the ratification of Certitude, the believer is to pursue ways mentioned by the Qur'an and indicated by the prophet ,peace be upon him, And deduced by divine scientists.

Subjective study in the morning Ayahs in Holy Quran

Asst. Le. Khalil Mahmood Al. Namsha

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 422-452

The research entitled Subjective study in the morning Ayahs in Holy Quran . Briefs the Ayat in holy Quran that concentrate on dawn terms and the relation between them through the sayings of explainer. The research is divided into two parts.
The first deals with the term dawn as mentioned in holy Quran and the great status of mentioning God as well as the time of dawn.
The second part covers many aspect like the time of punishing disbelievers the best time to conquer your enemies as well as finale and references.

Quranic means in the treatment of the couple's willful defiance, and fuqaha

Asst .Pro .Dr. Imad Amory Jaleel Alzahedy

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 453-487

Of the most important reasons for the optional writing in this thread: What ails Muslim families of a rift between the couples, regardless hating one another. And spread nushooz between couples, which is one of the most serious diseases affecting communities and families, which leads to the spread of divorce among couples. And ignorance of a lot of couples on how to treat spouses willful defiance, and because keeping their distance from the Koran, and the lack of understanding of him. This research has been divided on: introduction, preface, and two sections, and a conclusion. Speaking in front of the importance of the subject, and his reasons optional, and Divisional to search. And dealt with in the boot purposes of marriage, which is the law of God to marry her. The first topic: it has shown definition nushooz , and its causes, signs, has made him a central demands. The second part: it dealt with the treatment of nushuz. Has made him the three demands. The conclusion, has shown the most important findings through research and the most important of which is: Most of the reasons nushooz due to ignorance of the rights and duties of both spouses. The best treatments for problems and diseases of the family and the community at all treatments are divine set by Allah in the Holy Book. Should not be the intention of the use of therapy is revenge and humiliation, humiliation and torture, to the extent that it is meant to reform and preserve the family from loss and dispersion.

The principle of honoring the human Under the Light of Torah, the Bible and the Koran

Fathi Jaoher Firmize

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 488-531

Human is a respectful creature since creation of human until die. To prove this fact is the creation of human and all things that God is granting to the human such as mind, power. To prove this fact, the books from the Heaven (Torah, Bible, and Koran) include some punishments, in order to achieve protection and dignity, and in the justice base.
But it is deserve to notice that there is a different between Holy Books in Punishments and the method of these punishments, although the source of these Holy books is the same source, which is The Great God. Are these differences protect human dignity? If we know that the aim of all these punishments are to protect human dignity and human rights.
It is deserve to say Torah includes many rules and punishments, that they have a relation with life. But it will be noticed that lots of these difficult punishments are to destroy people except Jew. Also some of them are not possible and human brain can not accept them. When the Bible came, had not a new legislation, but it accepted the same Torah legislation, it means that the legislation of Bible and Torah is the same.

But when the Holy Koran came with a new legislation and different with Bible and Torah, in many aspects, it was insist on justice and human rights and far from hypocrisy, also it was insist on achieving human dignity and the holy of human and humanity, and so far from cruelty during carry out of these punishments.
In order to explain these facts, we thought it is better to do an investment to the present study.

The strategies of the converse in the prophethood's Biography

Asst .Pro .Dr. Idrees Maqboul

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 532-563

Praise be to Allah and praying and peace be on no prophet accept him and then,
About this study that the roles of the converse which arranged the speeches of the prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and his dialogs for the researches which we stopped on their the mercy and wisdom Ayas in order to the prophet's coinable which must Al_ Muslim can invest into well understanding in order to optimum the succeeded reasons which accompany the blessed a preaching of the prophet(P.B.UH).

The prophet ( God's blessing and peace be upon him) and invention development by brotherhood among Emigrants and Protectors

le. Mohammad Ali Saleh

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 564-594

This research treats Brotherhood system as invention work to faced difficult that Islamic society had faced after emigration to Al- Madina Al-Monawra . Some experts think that Brotherhood system was applied in Mecca firstly, among Emigrants themselves to fulfill Islamic Brotherhood and removing all pre-Islamic precipitates from Moslems to remove any
distinction among noble and slave .
This research tries to shed the light upon of Brotherhood system by studding of personages, specially , among the Companion of the prophet to arrive to results confirm coordinate among the Companion of the prophet . This system contributed in the develop of the invention and promoted of experiences in the fields of spending , generosity and jihad…etc

Scientific Efforts that deals with AL-Bukhari book ( Sahih AL-Bukhari ) in Maghreb and Andalus in the Century of 5 A.H-11 A.D

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Ahmed Al-Molaa

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 595-622

When AL-Bukhari Book ( Sahih Al-Bukhari ) arrived in Maghreb and Andalus , Some of Hadith Scholars were much care about it. They and their students were readiness to travel to Islamic East , to gain this science, because many of them considered that this book is the most ever right book in Islamic world after Quran, in which that total of compose about this book passing each book that compose about Hadith books.
This research was divided in to three topics; The first topic deals with Al-Bukhari book according to death years of narrators. The second focuses on interpretation of a strange of Al-Bukhari book . The Third observed of scholars that wrote about nature and supporters of Al-Bukhari book.

Scientific technical and it's effect in the doctorian judgment the fixing of the new moon is a simple

Dr .Rayan Tawfiq Khaleel

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 623-656

This study tackles the issue of authenticating the change of legal judgment. It puts forward a number of cases in which the legal judgment changes such as the change of the effective cause, the interest and the method of deduction. Depending on these facts, the researcher arrives at the fact that the legal judgment may change in accordance with the change of what it has been based on. This study investigates an ever-present issue of adopting astronomical calculation to determine the factual confirmation of sighting the new moon, reviews the approaches adopted by the jurisprudents and brings forward the evidence of the early jurisprudents in relying on sighting the new moon as the only method to confirm sighting the new moon.
The study also tries to collect the evidence of some early jurisprudents who hold the view of relying on astronomical calculation and tries to authenticate this view by showing its legal evidence in order to give the preponderance to the view which obligates relying on astronomical calculation.
The study concludes that the two views are not contradictory ones, yet they are like a single view but each one belongs to its own age depending on the scientific information available in that age.

The consideration of difference in al_Qarrafi ,originating implode from the (al-thakhira)book; bin Mohammad Al-Idrissy

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 657-699

All the praise is for god we always praise to him and asking him to apologies ,and we refuge for our devil self and from our bad works ,those who Allah guide him has no bad way for him ,and those who make bad deeds has no guide to him and we testify .that there is no god but Allah and Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is his prophet and his messengers and then .
Al-malikia school was distinguishing among other schools in its originals and its kinds ,it is in the first of the other doctrine schools concerning of its guidance and bigger ,this different kinds and the bigger make this school have many characteristics ,at least what we have said that it obtained the renewal and praise that make it the first one among the other with some originals and from one of these originals which concord the great place among others doctrines ,the original is the (the consideration of differences )this one considered make al malikia school far from the closing and confine ,and in addition of that it gave it the sort of (al-wassatia) and go to the justice sayings and the success one and make with it a wild sky in order to accept the other saying and there guidance .
One of the good speaker has said that al-malikia –sheikh abul al-abaas al-Qabab may Allah have a mercy on him (it is from the beautiful of his faith ). Al-shatibi may allah have mercy on him has said about his "and there are many examples ,he keep with this the original ,because it is very useful".
For the useful of this original and of what they are saying about it .I would like to fall a light on this point with some details with showing the main definition the original of the consideration of the difference about it and some other things which concert to it through the book al-thakhira by al-qaraphi Allah have mercy on him ,and I divided this study to ،introduction ،four section ،end ،.list of references

Measurement of Arab economic integration and analysis of its mechanisms

Dr. Abed Almalek Bidyaf

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 700-724

The Arab economies facing major challenges in the light of openness and integration into the global market and what this means of economic pressure and competition from developed and developing countries alike, the process of building and development of competitiveness through the activation of joint Arab economic action is an urgent need to increase the ability of Arab economies to improve their performance under the opening to the outside world and to achieve sustainable economic growth and social well-being, we try in this study was to evaluate the economic integration among Arab countries through measurement and analysis of flow effects on the variables that are the basis of measurement.

" Famous Leaders that conquest Kurdistan " )Kurd regions(

Dr. Ahmed Merza Merza

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 725-755

Kurdistan region, in other words, the region that were inhabited by Kurds , during Islamic reign especially through the Islamic movements , In spite of the fact that the Kurdish region has not got any political authority or any specific geographical borders which means the places that united dozers of Kurds that have Kurdish Nationality .

Features of the functional theory (the communicative) when Ibn jenni in his book (characteristics)

Dr. Haitham Mohammad Mustafa

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 777-799

this study represents a platform functional theory about founding (communicative) when Ibn Jenni, emphasize the property mechanism of language, linguistic behavior in place of social interaction, try to search through this almarcus important functional ideas crystallize in allisani thought when Ibn Jenni represented in writing (properties), such ideas were mbetdah in the most important property could ythorha find that the structure of words is determined by the significance between content and context in an interactive manner, career and deliberative raised in depth vision In the texts (properties) has many meanings and functional evidence surveyed through the presence of such concepts as: communication rules, altkhatabi, walastlzam, in addition to standard rhetorical (strength and solidarity) in linguistic usage strategy method, which reflect the social relations between those rank and degree and affiliation, such as the distinctive communication property, it can be said generally that dominated the other functional determinants discussed in study on extrapolations and description and user-friendl.

Do you avails substitution in linguistic analysis of texts?

Dr. Azaa Adnan Ahmed Azet

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2014, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 800-838

By re-placing we try in this study to analyze the linguistic texts with all their levels. For instance، synonyms have many phonological and semantic meanings that should accord with the contexts in which they occurred to communicate what other utterances and meanings do not. Grammatical forms have many meanings; each of which have a semantic function different from the other; the verbal is different from the nominal، and even the verbal one has many varieties according to the tense of the verb or its form whether it is abstract or augmented، and what is the type of this augmentation، or its reason. Then looking at the verb from the view of transitivity or intransitivity، and other types of meanings and functions that may put forward many questions including: why is this utterance is used rather than that? Why the verb is in the past tense and not in present for example? Why is the verb in the passive voice not active voice or vice versa? The same thing applies for the nominal forms; why the active participle form is used instead of the object participle? Or why is this intensive form is used but not that nomen adjectivum? But even why this nomen adjectivum particularly? The same thing is applied to in constructing a sentence whether verbal or a nominal one? The construction of a certain sentence contains lots of variability because of multiplicity of constructions، variability of systems، variability of contexts such as why it is corroborated? Why corroboration is done by this system but not that one? Why demand is done b this system but not that one? Why proteron or hysteron are used here? Why prohibition system is used but not negation? Why interjection is used or oath?