ISSN: 1812-125X

Volume 7, Issue 16

Volume 7, Issue 16, Summer 2013, Page 401-805

The Faces of The Miracle of The holly book (Al_ Quran)in the Al_ Khutabi,s Imam During his book Miracle of (Al_ Quran)

Asst .Le. Omer Yaseen Taha

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 401-433

Imam Al–Khutabi considers the first one who searches miracle in a scientific regular way. The style of imam Al–Khutabi in his message has came as a statement of objections and doubts then refuting it. So, he states the issues of miracle and details the saying in it. He refutes what deserves refutation and clarifies the reason of that. And he ensures what deserves acceptance and clarifies that.
Al–Khutabi has expressed this message by Arabic strange words which are few in use and which the reader who does not have insight with Arabic language and understanding its meaning of some Arabic words and their significances.
Then, he clarifies the comprehensive issue of Quran miracle among the issue that he mentions. He also mentions another issue of miracle which is the influence by its reading and hearing. For, this influence happens for each reader and listener absolutely.

Individuals' Hadiths adopted by Hanafi Fiqh and some Fiqh applications in worship and transactions

Asst .pr .Dr .salman Aboud Yahiya; Asst .Le. Ahmad Aboud Alwan

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 434-466

1- The subject is related to the fundamentals of the religion and Fiqh.
2- In this study we clarified the authenticity of the individuals' Hadiths from the glorious Quran, Sunnah, unanimity, comparison and reasonability.
3- We defined the individuals' Hadiths for the public of Fuqahas and for the Hanafi Fiqh.
4- We demonstrate the conditions of adopting the authenticity of the individuals' Hadiths for the Hanafi Fiqh.
5- Practical Fiqh examples in the fields of worship and transactions.
The most prominent results the researcher reached are:
• There is a correlation between the linguistic meaning of the individuals' Hadiths and the terminological meaning. So the definition, linguistically, becomes: It is what a small number of people relate from the others.
• There is a difference between the terminological definition of the public Fiqh and the terminological definition by Hanafi Fiqh.
• Other results were listed all at the end of the research.

The Rule of Faulty suspicion presents no evidence and Fiqh applications

Dr. Idrees Omer Mohammad

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 467-544

This research seeks to study the “Fiqh” (Jurisprudential) applications of the rule that “Faulty suspicion presents no evidence” which is one of the important rules and assumes the second class among the rules of “Fiqh”. This second class includes numerous issues along with wide-range applications which involve various topics of “Fiqh”.
A study of this nature is extremely useful and important in the sense that through such a study, “Fiqh” identical issues can be combined including the particulars and details added to similar items connected through a rule which brings them together notwithstanding difference in terms of subject matter and topics. This confirms the harmony of Shari’a judgments and clarity of defects which they highlight, and enhances modern researcher’s “Fiqh” talent in terms of deep thinking and diligent judgments. Yet, this study will lead the researcher to avoid any contradictory understanding and will also yield great importance for the “rule” through reinforcing its comprehensiveness and acceptance.

System Accountability and Judicial Sentences legitimate in Islamic thought

Dr. Taha Abdullah Mohammed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 545-583

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be on the Messengers Muhammad and his family and companions, and after:
The Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, is the meaning of hisbah though God has prescribed for us this good to repair the world and win the Hereafter, nor can any society, no matter how the offer, and attend his sons could do without this sensory nerve in the community, that that man mountain on the error and was with instinct whispers to him, that he had mistaken and forget, nor should be recalled and alert, and this meaning is in the system Hisbah Islamic, which is inherent in its inception and development, drawing teachings of the Book of Allah and Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, he is good beneficial for slaves in every time and place, and this system the Lord, is the kind of states that can not be limited to markets, or prayer or some things transactions, it is a comprehensive mandate of all aspects of the life of the values, principles and worship and transactions, it is the nervous system in the body, and this device delicate affected negatively and positively . May find the environment flourish and activates true, may not find that environment Vidhor and loses its effectiveness, and perhaps the most important influences in this system the nature of governance prevailing and its relevance to Islamic law as well as the cultural and intellectual maturity of the society and its members and I am on talking about the most important part in this system but seeking thereby Show Islamic advancement in the treatment of wrong and harmful and gradient in legitimate punitive powers and how they pay attention to humanitarian and respected entity that is the structure of God and the creature honored when his Lord. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

The Role Of Mosque in Achieving the Political integration in the Iraqi Current Society-Analytical Study From A Social Perspective-

Asst. Pro . Dr. Hamdan Ramadan Mohammad

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 584-603

The present paper aims at investigating the role and significance of mosques in achieving the role of mosque in achieving the political integration in the Iraqi current society.
It is will known that the mosques have remarkable role in the social life of the Iraqis especially in the today's situation due to the critical social and political situation through which the Iraqi society experience. These situations are fabricated by the American occupation. Therefore the mosques may have a great role in making intellectual and behavioral changes of the individual in the Iraqi society.
As a result the mosques may achieve the agreement , integration and solidarity between all the forms of the society to serve the national unity and to resist the American invasion.

Islamic society of righteousness in Mosul and its social and educational role 1928-1980

Dr. Iman Abed Al-hameed Al-dabag

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 604-646

Mosul has witnessed after the British conquer for Iraq (1918-1921) a degeneration in political , social and economic situation. This is reflected regatively on mosuli society, especially that conquer forces have contributed to a large extent in creating economic and living crise among people which leads to the spread of situation and the raise of the price of food , the spread of disease and the decline of health state , which increases the number of poor and needy people .
Mosul also has witnessed the decline of education and the spread of uneducation that makes scientists , politicians and noble men , especially after the establishment of national rule in Iraq (1921-1932) ended to the necessity of doing a group work aims at repairing the painful state of the city by establishing a number of social , political and religious societies under different names among them: Islamic society of righteousness which aimed since its establishment in 1928 at presenting services in different ways and means according to its interial system. So , it has established orphans , home and kinder garden and an institution specialized with presenting scientific programs in a number of education curriculums in addition to another services . The society has opened a branch of it in zakho which has presented services like those presented in zakho .
The society has continued its activities till the year 1980 when it has cancelled its license and added to its institution to the institution of social care .

The Russian Principality of Kiiev , A history Study in its establishment and outside Relation

Asst. Prof. Dr. Fathi Salem Humeedi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 647-681

This paper sheds light on the history of Kiev Principality , its development throughout the historical periods and what it his reached of political status because of its economic and trading power . This research deals also with the strategically position of Keef principality as it connects East and West . It states the flourishing of Keef city which has become the center of this Principality in the middle age , when the Prince Roreek – the founder of dynasty in it – chose it as a Capital of the Principality , which has held the name of this city .This research refers to the end of this principality on the hands of Al – maghool who have destroyed everything in it : its economics , its human beings and its civilization .
Then it has become , occupied while its force has been reaching big areas before that . So, it has transformed into an unimportant city after living great periods of its rule as main Capital for kiev Principality . it can even be said that it has been the mother of all the Russian Cities at that time .

the honest king Najem Aldeen Ayoob and his relationship with the political powers 638-647 A.H/1250-1260

Asst. Le. Mohammad Yonis Falh

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 682-716

The research has showed an image about the life of Najem Aldeen Ayoob , the honest king , who was an Ayoobian character in the time when the Ayoobian became a weak and atorn out state and its statesmen are divided due to separation of their goals and interests contrary to the earlier image traced back to Salah Aldeen Alayoobi who was the hero of the Islamic resistance against the then powers .
The research has tackled the life of king Alsalih and his relationship with the Islamic political powers for the effects and objectives of this relationship on getting in line with the political process .
The first topic has included the life history of the king and a biography topic has dealt with his relationship with the Abbasid caliphate . , while the second discussed his relationship with Alkhawarzmimy .
The third topic covered his relationship with the Ayoobian princes one tacked his employment the Mamaleek in the Ayoobian army .

Ibn Abdeen Biography and Gift

Dr. Ramadan Hamdoon Ali

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 717-747

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
All praise is to Allah the Lord of the worlds and peace be upon our master Muhammad , his family and all his Companions. It is well known that studying scholars' biographies has a great effect that has been clearly shown on the early Muslims who have written down Al-Tabaqat and Al-Shatharat and other books containing the biographies of those who preceded them.
.The researcher tries to follow the early scholars example in studying Ibn Abdeen's character (May Allah have mercy on him) who is one of the prominent jurisprudents and the most reliable expounder of the Islamic law at his time.
: The research consists of five sections which are
Section One: His Family
Section Two: His quest of Knowledge
Section Three: His Sheiks
Section Four: His Students
Section Five: His Works
I pray for Allah to make us follow the virtuous, die with those who are righteous and to endow us with the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Amen.

Al-Fashtals in Far Morocco and their role in Public Life

Dr. Eman Abdul-Ruhman

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 748-770

Prestigious houses in far Morocco were famous for their high level social status for the rulers and the common people .
There is no doubt that the status obtained by some of those houses was due to several reasons like the wealth possessed by them , the scientific status enjoyed by them , noble origin or possessing official positions .
Banu Fashtals were considered the most significant house appeared in far Morocco in the Age of Marinids (668 – 869 A.H. / 1269 – 1465 A.D.) . Being enjoyed by their statesmanship , they could access important and advanced positions in the state in the age of Mairinds , especially in the age of Saadia State (956 A.H. – 1022 / 1510 A.D. – 1659). They had great role in the cultural life and some figures of that house had accessed good positions in the state and left clear marks in various fields . them was judges , ambassador, jurist and authors .Moreover, they had distinguished religious and social role .
This research deals with the role of the Fashtals in Far Morocco at the age of Mairinds , the age of their prominence , and at the age of Saadia State . They accessed important positions and great position in the Saadian court .They became top figures in the Saadia State .

Build A Test for Understanding for Intermediate School Level Students(Girls)

Le. Fatima Mohammed Saleh; Pro. Dr. Osama Hammed Mohammed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 16, Pages 771-805

The literature concerned with measuring various mental aspects like intelligence and thinking refer to devising tools to measure these aspects that have received considerable attention from psychologists and researchers. However, the measurement of (Understanding) did not receive equal importance in the measurement of mental abilities on the Iraqi environment level, resulting in the neglect of an important mental aspect which is (understanding) which requires scientific effort in the designing and preparation of a test for its measurement. The research aims to build a test for (understanding) for intermediate school level studies in the center of the province of Nineveh, for the academic year (2011-2012). The test is built according to the (Mctighe and Wiggins, 1998) theory for the six aspects of understanding .The researchers followed the scientific steps in the procedures of building the test and the items were collected and designed according to the approved theoretical fields. The items in their preliminary form were (163) items, distributed among (6) manifestations and (30) fields and were applied to (530) female students from secondary schools in Nineveh province, for the academic year (2011-2012). To achieve the objective of this research the psychometric characteristics were extracted from the (validity and reliability) of the test. In order to verify (the truth and validity test) of the test, it was submitted to a number of arbitrators ( professionals) in the field of Educational and Psychological Sciences. The coefficients of ease, difficulty, and internal consistency were extracted bringing the number of items of the test to the final number of (142) items, while the ratability of the test which reached (0.82), was determined by retest. A number of statistical tools were used for data processing and analysis through the programs of (Excel) and (spss).
The research concluded a number of recommendations and proposals that advocate the use of the most of the (Understanding) test to measure the development of understanding in view of the importance of this aspect of mental development in the academic and personal future of the students.