ISSN: 1812-125X

Volume 7, Issue 17

Volume 7, Issue 17, Autumn 2013, Page 1-400

Invitation And Intimidation In The Holy Quran: Significance in Da'wa

As .Le . Geelan Khaleel Haider

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 1-37

This study deals with da'wa through adopting invitation and intimidation in Holy Quran. It starts with introducing and reviewing invitation and intimidation both linguistically and
terminologically. The study then goes on dealing with some of the important means of invitation and intimidation like
invitation for righteousness, forgiveness, relatives loyalty,
tolerance, patience, repentance and paradise and intimidation from envy, avarice, injustice, arrogance, lying, backbiting, usury and hell.

Alfeel Sora in The Glorious Koran: A phonological Study

Dr. Rafea A. Maloo; Dr. Azaah A. Ahmed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 38-48

The research revealed the strangeness of death in that Sora through its rhythm in addition to sounds and tones that came in harmony with the meaning, and wherever the context was visualizing or speaking of a sever and strong act or a rapid action we found rapid and strong sounds and tones. The same is applied to the rhythm. Its sequence of vowels in the Sora showed the contextual imitation through the voiceless sounds on the one hand, and through the mixture of vowels and consonants on the other.

Social Arts In-Al _noor _Sora –subject Studies-

Asst. Pro. Dr. manhal Yahiya Ismail

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 49-82

The Al-Mighty Allah most the Beneficent, the Merciful Mention in his great book (Quran) a great recommendations, important terms and high arts the aim of all of these things is to protect the man form the mistake and range and to protect the family and society, Islam professed, well treatments of the Islamily, family, Islam treat the family and surrounded it with a great fence and forbidding the others from a crossing it or touch
it with bad, then Al-noor sura had come with a group of that social Arts with are if available in the society then the goodness will be available also and preached. We are in the time that the arts and habits of the foreign societies which are too far from the arts and teach' s of our religion, this study comes as trial to summary the beat society arts which this Sura has been stressed.

The Influence Of The Prophetic programs in making the position(nation glory)

Asst. Pro. Dr. Yahiya Husain Ahmed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 83-106

This research dealing the Prophet method in education industrial of station in soul and brain and full Human being live .
This method is found and it is courteous and impossible to be lost because Allah has been protect it except another religion methods previous because the prophet have Holley Quran Method that consist of stables lead to happiness of two house and it spread of right , justice and peaceful these stables are belief , worship characters .
My research on three chapters
Chapter one
The prophet method origin in education
Chapter two
Effect of the prophet education in positions maker "Nation glory"
Chapter three
The Leaders Maker
The happiness of Companions in the Prophet Mohammed .
From History of man that Islam Maker .

Aesthetics of Describing the Paradise and the Hell in the noble prophetic Traditions (Hadith): A Contrastive Stylistic Study

Tahan; Dr. Yousif Suleiman AL; Asst .Pro .Dr. Nabhan Hasun AL; Saedoon

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 107-140

The prophetic Hadith is an at most magnificent literary genre with respect to its beautiful utterances, diversity of expressions, different figures of speech and varied textnnes as far as the presenting of subject matter is concerned; particularly those related to the Day of Resurrection, viz, the Recompense and punishment (the Paradise and the Hell). Hence, the topic is chosen to scrutinize the aesthetics of describing those places by a contrastive stylistic study in accordance with the noble prophetic hadith in the authentic books of Hadith. Namely, AL – Bukari and Muslim, AL – Turimitn's Sunnas and the Sciences of Islamic traditions of Imam Ahmed.
The paper includes an introduction and three sections. The introduction contains two themes: the first theme is devoted to identifying the concepts of the paper's terms under discussion, principally. Aesthetics expressiveness and stylistics. Whereas, the second one is attempted to determining the topics of the paper, viz, the paradise, the Hell and the noble prophetic Hadith, to set up the framework that evaluates the study.
Section one is intended to investigate (the semantic level) in terms of studying the significance of the schematic fignnees of speech, namely, simile, metaphor, metonymy and studying the magnificent value of tropes, viz, opposition, antitheses and analogy. Section tow, on the other hand, is dedicated to investigate the syntactic level in the sense of the structure of verbs, mainly, tense and levels. It also studying the syntactic structure of the generative and transformational sentences of the nominal and verbal groups. Lastly, section three revolves around discussing the phonological level with respect to the recurring, polysyndetic construction of letters and words respectively.

The Repetition of The Stolen and their Roles of it in the Islamic Doctrines

Dr. Firas Sadoon Fadhel

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 141-170

Safeguarding money is of the necessities in Islam . The legislator has encouraged amanah and Praise those who stick to amanah . The legislator has also Prohibited money and souls aggression . Robbery is a Kind of aggression Prohibited by the legislator in both Quran and Sunnah and robbery Punishment has been expressed as the cutting off of the thief right hand in order to Prevent him her from robbery . There might he thieves who are not Prevented from robbery despite the punishment and repeat the action thus entailing great harm on the society . This study is illustrating Fiqh rules to deal with such negative Phenomena .

Adoption and its alternative

Dr . Fawaz Ismail Mohammad

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 171-193

This study deals with adoption motives –that is unanimously prohibited by Islam– through finding the alternatives and the liable will be rewarded. The one who takes care of the orphan will be accompanying the prophet Mohammed in the hereafter.The current is mainly tackling adoption motives, impacts and rules and emphasize that Islam has prohibited certain issue but found alternatives, which, in this case, could include: gift, legacy, suckling and affinity.

The impact of the evidence on convicting the felon - A Fiqh comparative study -

Asst .Le .Ahmed Ibrahim Ismail

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 194-223

Researching the subject of evidence requires thorough examination and entails unbiasness so that the confusion in the verdict, as a result to misunderstanding of the juristic evidences related to it, can be resolved. While the unbiasness in decision is the basis in preparing any scientific research that involves various and different opinions of the scholars relevant to this topic, but evidence is of great importance from one hand, but many criminals commit their felonies without leaving any evidence that prove that they are criminals. So, many of them slip away from the hand of justice. As a result, crimes became more in number and corruption prevails in the society. So, is it possible to rely on the evidences, if there are evidences, in proving the charge and convict the felon who committed it and apply the suitable penalty against him? This what the current research of mine will discuss.
This study included an introduction, two sections and a conclusion. The introduction tackled the importance of the subject and its division. But, section one was comprised two sub sections. The first dealt with the definition to the evidence and the second dealt with the significance of the evidence in proving the charge. While the second sub section tackled the nature of penalty related to the evidence. But the conclusion tackled with manifesting the most important findings that were resched through were concluded by the researcher.

The Economically beyond to the prophet story Joseph (peace be up on him)in the light of The noble Quran

Le. Veaan Saleh Ali

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 224-256

Quran has many verses in which the miracle of matters relating to the daily life of society namely that the Koran is not only directed towards the individual prayer fasting anal relating affairs in worship but which of the commands on the affairs of mankind transactions and acts of warship in the story of Joseph peace be upon him lies in the viewer.

multifaceted the ethical aspect in the case of a woman who is Aziza woman and Kidd woman and the political side of administrating country and state that is reason made Joseph be appeared as the administrative planning that has taken place at the epoch of prophet Joseph: peace be upon him " because of inspiration and Devine revelation Joseph Eggplant from starvation.

Remain existing lesson to the kings and rulers it isn't climacteric to provide a multitude of respect to parents even if they were in the court yard of their rule and these based on prophet Joseph massage peace be upon him " to the kings and rulers Joseph was a submissive person to his parents and he prostrated to them with all his brothers…

The Role of Religious and political Organization in Crusaders was against Egypt 648-558A.H / 1162 -1250A.D.

Asst. Pro . Dr . Mosab Himadi Najem

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 257-293

This paper sheds light on the Role of the religious and Political organizations in the Crusaders was against Islamic Egypt since the first Crusade com pus till the seventh Crusade com pus . It also clarifies the violent battles which the crusaders have fought against the Muslims have become able of achieving the aims they prepared to do to serve the Crusade aggressive projects in Islamic land ,And in spite of this role in elongating the crusade existence for two Centuries , it contributes in weakening the nation of Crusade Occupation , because of the division and the struggle on the profits among the competed organizations . In addition the mostly prefer their special benefits and aims upon the general benefit of Crusade , For , they have concerned with gathering money , Wealth and exchange which lead to Ideological bankruptcy of those organization are based on the monasticism and chivalry .

Effect of the Floods on Baghdad’s Prisons In the Abbasid Period

Dr .Raid Mohammad Hammed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 319-344

The aim of this research is studying unknown fields which some of researchers do not care it. In addition to scarce of writings which deal with social field to prisoners in Arab Islamic state. Especially, situations of prisoners under the natural catastrophe. The important of this research consider as a framework we have known about suffering which happened prisoners at that time and effect of floods on them; therefore, we concentrated on the situation which was very difficult to deal with prisoners in the Islamic Arab state.

Dialogue In the Novel "Hurricane and Minaret" For Imad Al Deen Khaleel Analytic study

Asst. Le. Basam Khalaf Sulaiman

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 345-377

The Muslawi Writer Dr. Imad Al Deen Khaleel (Professor Of Islamic History In The College Of Arts, University Of Mosul ) Came A field For Searching Since His Novel (Hurricane And Minaret) To The Consistent Technical mechanisms Which Concern Narration, Space, Discourse, And Description Excepting The Narrator Entrance From Time To time In The Novel to Talk Instead The heroes and Penetrating Their Special World.
The Novel Takes From the mosuli Environment Apace for Events And From the Mosul Revolution In (1959) A time For The Events For Presenting In Its light the Events Which Took Place Before The Revolution And After It In Five Dags Through Its Characters :Hashim Abdal- Salam, Salma And Her Fiance Assim Al-Dabagh, Her Father Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheikh Dawod, Younis Saeed Atalah, And Hana Jerjees.
So, The Research Came To Perform Its Study On The Dialogue Of The Characters Of The Novel Through Its Analyzing And Showing Its Technical And Subjective Dimension And Revealing The Indications That They Bring In An Introduction And Two Topics.
The Introduction Includes Determining The Concept Of Novelistic Dialogue And Its Function. The First Topic Concerns A study For ( The External Dialogue :Dual And Successive) From The Compound Dialogue (Analog tic Descriptive) The Symbolic Dialogue, And The Absolute Dialogue, While The Second Topic Concerns A study For (The Internal: The Single And Monolingual) From The Monologue, Or Soliloquy, And Dialogue Of The Conscious Current, Technical Restoration And Imagination.

The Religious in situations and its effect in the development of Qur'an studies at the century (8) [ at the eight century in the Sham country ] .

Asst. Pro. Dr. Abed Aljawaad Salem Othman

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2013, Volume 7, Issue 17, Pages 378-400

* The Hijra Eight century has the effect in The development of the scientific institution which was the it's role has the in the development scientific movement in this century .

* This research discussed the religious in situation which shows in AL- Sham at the Hijral eight century this is at the first study , the second study , was the Reminding the best sciences which appeared in this century .