ISSN: 1812-125X

Volume 5, Issue 9

Volume 5, Issue 9, Spring 2011, Page 1-249

Esthetic Response to Technical Prose of Omar bin Abdul aziz

abdullh fathi addahir; yusra ismael ibrahim

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 1-30

This study aims at studying the level of esthetic response in Omar Bin Abdul Aziz prose according to the theory of response and interpretation.
This study carried out according some esthetic possibilities which are:
1- The concept of space and gap.
2- The floating point of view.
3- The horizin of expectation.
4- Types of negation.
It becomes clear through reading the prosaic text of Omar Bin Abdul Aziz according to the content of the esthetic response and its linguistic curcula the following.
The Omaric text depends on indirect informatives sign which include the semantic and textual directions of this discourse according pun.

the documentation program in the large history book (imam bukaree in 256 a.h al jareh and al tadeel for iben hatem 317 a.hand althiqat for iben hayan 354 a.h

yehia hussen ahmad

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 31-59

When the scientific researches means to reach the fact to make the people have Acknowledgment of the truth one , So think that it will be fit that my research having two main aspectsThe furst aspect : The showing scinentific and make it not secrete who God command its fammly make it shown
(واذ اخذ الله ميثاق الذين اوتوا الكتاب لتبيننه في الناس ولا تكتمونه) The second aspect : To Show the favor of the clearer prohicy sunna and statement the great effort which do it by the correct and Al-Jareh Imams who mothey are mens sarresed AL-Sunna and memorized it after they memorized the Al mighty (Allah) from all mistake and whome claiming the doubt and suspicious in the novels and especially the narratives , and Al Hassi th’s Imams , So I found during his research hypotheisis to know it’s place , and the great Al-Jarah Imams and correct in the cridite
the novels especially the Imams, because we are in the time the arrows which faced to the purifie prophets sunna and the to the Al-Sunna narriate and the mark by the messenger of God (P.B.U.H) and which are very much of these arrows . For us we must to show the greate dangerous and shown the greate work for these men in the showing whom the Al-Haddi the narrative , and whome they are witness to this Sunna .
This research have the introduction and three researches and conclusion .

the documentation of succession in islamic dctorine

feras sadoon fadel

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 60-93

Allah has created man to be his viceroy on earth to be on obedient servant .
To realize this purpose it has become necessessiry to maintain mankind to ensure the continuity of life . Thus aggression against man is a erime in Islam to be punished . Injuries are among types of aggression against man , in particular those affecting head and face known as cleave .
This study deals with this kind of injuries in order to show how great Islamic teachings and rules are through stating the rules of head cleave . The study is divided into :
- Introduction where the issue is generally reviewed .
- Section one defines head cleave both linguistically and terminal – gically and subdivided into two section .
- Section two deals with types of head cleave , and subdivided into three sections .
- Section three is concerned with rules of head cleave and subdivided into two sections .
The study sums up with the main conclusions .

Rules of Patient Prayer

haitham hazim abed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 94-132

This study deals with the patient prayer where it states that prayer is obligatory for the patient as long as he/she is sane and prayer obligation is excused in case of certain excuses. The study also deals with the possibility of praying either in standing or sitting, for the patient, and how the patient is seated when being unable to kneel and prostrate. It also tackles the issue of prayer on chair and the chair location among the lines in addition to dealing with some issues related to the patient holding urine sack or praying in a dirty dress and other issues.

Resulting its Concepts and Koran Text in Diction

bashar dawoud salman

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 133-160

The concept at resulting even palpable or godly which make us to realize the lea lee on ship between the creator and creature this research clarity the resulting concept within gutting the important detention and called by the Islamic teams which the realign experts explained in their writings cite al_ ashaeera al_ muerazila and others .
Its obvious for us taut the resulting concept in exactly mode this research clarity the relation ship at in resulting imagination whir in resulting scope laminated in relation between the compares from reason and resonant to complete the vision to moderated the nanny in spearing mode in this research we make in diction by the koraris text at the resnlting corcepts at all its sides this research hewe two Sabjeets .
first resulting corcepts .
Second : indi cation at kornic texet

Al-Mawardi and His Jurisprudent -Political thought

faiz salah mahmood

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 161-186

Our Islamic nation has a firmly established cultural heritage ,and despite the dullness ,discontinuity , and deterioration that came across it journey , it remained a vital trend Islamic in the sentiment and mentality of the nation .
Islamic message has came from the very beginning carrying monotheist religious spiritual doctrine .
The first trend of the political thinking was a political religious trend which evidently relied and crystallized through the Noble Quran and the honorable sunnah of the prophet .
Abu- Al- Hasan AL – Mawardi( 364-450) has contributed in building this trend and gaining its prosperous culture . He lived in tow big cultural cities , Basrah , Baghdad , gaining the patronage of the Abbasid Caliph AL- Qadir Billah (381 – 422 A.H.)
The ideological and political conflict at that period affected AL – Award pattern of thinking alongside with his jurisprudent opinions . the various forms of fighting to get power has led him to process and deal with the political issues .
Moreover , he was well – known for the abundance of authorship and ample productivity in various scientific fields , especially the religious, linguistic , literary , political and social ones .
The research tackles the subject in three section : the first is about AL – Mawardi biography and his books , the second tackles his thought and the third investigates some of his political thought . Finally comes the conclusion.

Constructing Essay in imad al deen khaleel islamic indicators in time of speed analytic study

janan abdullah younis

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 187-218

The Muslawi writer, Dr. Imad Al Deen Khaleel’s, professor of Islamic History at the College of Arts, Mosul University, Islamic Indicators in Time of Speed collection is being examined in this study as his essays is rich with daily experiments and values. Texts of these essays and their artistic and topic dimensions are analyzed to reveal their various significance. The study consists of an introduction and four sections. Concept of essay, types and features are dealt with in the introduction. Section one deals with the title, section two deals with the introduction, section three deals with subject and section four deals with the conclusion.

the effect of magol with islam

mhamad younis falh

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2011, Volume 5, Issue 9, Pages 219-249

The spread of Islam amongst the Mongol in Middle Asia is considered one of the important topics in the history and Islamic culture as it shows the image about barbarian tribes motivated by several incentives to invade the Arabic – Islamic world . Due to that invasion the Mongols were able to establish independent states in Iraq , Persia , China , India and Middle Asia and their settlement and colonization let to the spread of Islam amongst Mongols especially the Mongols in Middle Asia (the golden tribe) who were adopting a worldly religion called SHAMANEYYA .
The research included a preface to represent a view the Mongols life , a section which dealt with the compettion amongst the religions to gain the Mongols to their sides , a section about the factors that helped Mongols to Islam and a section concerning the indications of Islamic life for the Mongols in Middle Asia .