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Volume 4, Issue 8

Volume 4, Issue 8, Autumn 2010, Page 1-328

al qalefa Omer iben alkhatab and makzoom sons anaylitical study

read hashem hadi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 1-26

The Islamic history has been faced too-much of lie and misunder-understanding for most of the Islamic history which has been wrote in the middle after the second century of Al-Hijra in the time that Al-Abasi country spent most its force and this condition make many enemies on the political levels there the political group which corfered with the religion conferred, and try to work in mixed the truths and mixed of Islamic preire

the commentry and interpretatores in al-shaam country during the century(hijra,8)

abdaljwad salem othman

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 28-63

This research have the interpretators and interpretating in the al- sham country during the eight of al-higra century. It devided to two research
The first research : talked the names of interpritators and their life who they live in this century the main of their works are arranged according
the deaths in two requirement.
First: who was born and live and deid in al- sham country.
Second: one who was born in another country not al- sham country and then who transferred to it and died in it.
The second research: talked the prompts the interpretators prompts , it devided into tree requirements requirement the al-tafasirs which reached tous and printed it.
Requirement no.two:
Al-tafasir which are reached tous and still manuscript and their places.
Requirement no.three al-tafasirs which are mentioned it and they didn’t reached to us after losted if it damished it or it burning and then Reference and sources.

the mental judgment its departments and ots effect on the speakers

bashar daoud salman

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 65-87

A mental judgment term is one of the most important thing in the entries of doctrine because understanding this term is very important in the researches of integration .The intellect judgment is divide in to three parts :
The obligation , impossibility and probability . Every one of these three main types can be Subdivided in to many types , But we can depend on these three main types as these are the aim of our studying the divisions of the mental judgment without the others .
For knowing the types of mental judgment is useful in the evidence of the existentialism of God because the probability or possibility which equalities their terminal the existential and the nothing less of God . He is found created and the witness round us . His existential depends on the impossibility or the obligation , because the possibility can't find it self . So he must be in advance in to himself , as he is only the create or to her . Or he is lately considered as a created to her . The advancing thing or to be lately is impossible because there is a clear contrast of immoral role of mental .
The impossibility can't be found because it isn't found basely and it is no affection . So we proof that it is found and it is the duty that is only Allah . All these proof the impotence of knowing the kinds of intellect judge in the science of doctrine .

the sign of sword and its effect in transcribe science

ibraheem mahmood ibraheem

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 88-128


Allah says: "when the adytum months are over, then kill the unbelievers wherever they found". This verse of sword is considered the most effective one in the science of Al-Naskh and in the books of Al-Nasikh and Al-Mansookh. Some scientists reproduced approximately 124 verses. This raised a controversy and protests. This study will deal with issues of those verses claimed that they were reproduced by verse of sword explaining the controversy and its reason. Then, this study will count those verses from books of Al-Naskh and sciences of Holy Koran explaining the aspect of right in such issue, and dividing them according to rules and issues claimed that were reproduced by the verse of sword. The researcher investigated and counted all verses claimed that they were reproduced by the verse of sword explaining its real number and its impact in this science. This study will deal with problems of Al-Naskh in this verse through many applicable examples and reason of reproduction claim vouching by different says of scientists. The study concluded with the most obvious results of solving the problems of inconsistency in these says concerning this verse of great impact.

interrogation in the islamic laws,and civil laws acomparative study

awan abdalaa alfaedi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 134-162

Interrogation is considered as a known method of confirming evidences. It is a procedure used by Judges in Judgment Council, or in a Court accordingly. It is done, sometimes, on the request of the lawsuit concerned. It uses the other party/questions in order to reach the results after interrogation, or accepting it to confirm his requests. It is an evidence of absolute nature, or to enable the Judge and the Court for providing it, and the truth leading to this conformation.

Thus, these methods may by used to confirm the Legibility of Descriptive Islamic Laws. It is known in the past, and in the Islamic Laws as it is in the Koran, and other evidences in the Islamic Laws, and its legality. It is a method for touching the ambiguity of the case stated in the Court.

tales of wahab bin monabeh through the book al-maarif of bin kutayba

nihal khalil al-sharabi; suhyb hazim al-ghaganfari

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 163-207

This paper studies tales of a follower who considered one of the most significant followers . He is Abu Abdullah Wahab bin Monabeh
Al -San'ani Al-Thamari the confident , the truthful who is described as
being the teller and the novelist .

Wahab bin Monabeh talks more than one language . He knows Greek , Syryan , Jewish , and Hameryah . He likes reading books too much especially those which are old and loves his country Yemen .
Wahab took care with the life of prophet Mohammed and his
raids .
This study depends on the book entitled , "Al-Ma'arif" of bin kutayba Abu Mohammed Abdullah bin Moslem (213 – 276H/823 – 889A.D) . Both his birth and death were during the Abbasid caliphate (132 – 656H/749 – 1258A.D) . We cannot forget those waleyes of Baghdad during the era of bin Kutayba , they were the scientists caliphates who wished to get knowledge and encouraged it . Therefore , Baghdad had witnessed a glory and flourishment and become a huge field for the rise of a scientific intellectual movement . Also , Baghdad had become a base for scholars , a capital for science and scientists ,
a place for students of Hadeeth and different sciences for all parts
of the world .

distinction some sons in donation

kaldoon waleed hassn; ahmad hameed saeed

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 207-262

The issue of preferring some sons on others by means of financial gifts which have a significant effect on the Islamic community. Some fathers rely whether by knowledge or ignorance to prefer one of their sons or daughters upon the others. Some fathers give to a specific son what he does not give to others and this appears clearly after death.
We relied in this research on the comparative method through clarifying the Islamic Sharea’ opinions and other opinions. Then, there is a reference to the law arguments as the legislative rules in the country. Also, we handled different experts’ opinions with evidence and discussions, references, along with the solutions of solving it out among the sons.

the append supplement in the doctorine fundament

muthana arif dawood al-jarrah

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 264-286


This reseach consist of appendixes of the princibles of doctorine for the best importance of the second research which caused the originators. Which have the maintenance relationships with the doctorine princibles sciences .In adition to whatmentioned above the research discussed the measured of the distiguishings between these appendixes and the original one in that science .



Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 8, Pages 287-328

This paper discusses the problems facing those who work in the translation field during their transferring the images of An-Nār (Hell-Fire) in the Glorious Qur'ān from the source language Arabic in the target language English.
This paper aims at studying images of the Hell-Fire in the Glorious Qur'ān. It also aims at pinpointing the difficulties facing Moslems in knowing that (Hell) An-Nār has twenty images in the glorious Qur'ān, they are mentioned in one hundred and twenty places. This is what will be shown in the present paper. The paper hypothesizes that there is no one-to-one correspondence between images of An-Nār (Hell-fire) in Qur'ān text and their counter-parts in English. These (IMAGES) have always been a serious problem for translators as far as their abilityperformance background knowledge and how they should achieve a successful equivalence between the SL-text and the TL-text one.
The present study investigates how the translators play a vital role and make very hard attempts in order to obtain the exact meaning of these images especially when they know that these images are revealed from almighty (Allah) to his Messenger Mohammed (P.B.U.H). These images are the description of An-Nār (Hell-fire) in the Glorious Qur'ān. So the process of translating them can pose many problems for translators.