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Volume 4, Issue 7

Volume 4, Issue 7, Spring 2010, Page 1-233

the speakers program in writing the prophet Sera (al bukari example)

read hashem hadi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 1-43

This scientific academic humble study is aseries attempt from the researcher to study the prophetic autobiography according to new autobiography through the book of al-sunna and not thorough the book autobiographies and invasions there which involve much of mystery and confusion .which the scientists of Al-Haddeeth have applied the curriculum of the criticism and re-establichment on most of. The prophetic autobiography.and then, it appears to be the best that can be.
As it considered that Al-iman Al-bukari is the best among those who write on this subject,he is chosen to be the example of this study.

al kuruk fortify in the sylibyon occupation

musaab hmadi najem

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 43-70

This research aims at sheding light on the fortress of petra Deserti castle during the occupation of crusades form its establishment in 537A.H./ 1142A.D. in the reign of the crusade King Fulk Anjou (526- 538 A.H / 1131- 1143A.D.)
The research also deals with the reasons that have been behind its building and the results caused from that. In addition to following the crasade rulers who succeed to its reign and the out standing of them Renaud Chatillon, whose reign forms an important turning point on the political, military and economic fields.

the positively attitude on problems

hussen ali ahmad

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 71-90

Thank for God and blessing on our messenger with all his followers:
The dealing with problems needs to a vision in Islamic evidence,fixable and deep Science,understanding the aim and the goal of Islamic rules and studying the rules of the benefits and the also needs to true and clear description of the problem and an accurate understanding for that problem so alto put an Islamic judgment which is Suitable with the problem . The new generation has the right to see the values and the rules of the religion clear thought out the problem which are put on the actual life Because the Muslims hate the theories which are for away practice Just like ''describe the diseases with –out drug'' there are many speeches and sayings without any practicability. Watching the values of the religion clear that thought the historical record is called''the positive attitude'' or the positively attitude''.

The Name of Surat Alfateha Analytical Lingual Study

basil kalaf hmmod

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 91-116


The research deal with the names of surat -Alfateha-analytical lingual study after the names were documentated through collect Alsuna Alnbwia and ajwal alsalf through recurrence to linguistic and Quran dictionary and the inter pertative Quran books in addition the books of Alhadeth Nabwi and its explanation to clarify and disclosure the semantic for thwse names and declaration its connection and suitability each names with the meaning of surat -Alfateha- also we arrange the names according of its spelling.

the legal investing of alwaqifmancy.field ftudying in douhok goverrorate

mustafa mhamad ameen

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 117-143


All people know the difficult state which we are living in oru country now. Many things are changed in this period. On of them is the ministry of endowment. It is deleted and replaced by three addresses, suna endowment, sheaa endowment and endowment of non Muslim. The government in Kurdistan which control on three cities had ministry of endowment and Islamic religion. It had special law to manage for endowment.

War and The protection of Civilians in The Islamic Regieme

waleed salem mhamad

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 144-164

Man was the axis of the Divine message , thus , the Islamic law has tackled this issue in details befor being considered by human legislators . The Islamic law has distinguished between the warrior and the non – warrior . It also distinguished between those who are allowed to be fought and those who are not . The practical application of the Quranic texts on the part of the supreme Islamic leadership , represented by the prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H )and the guided Caliphs after him , is regarded as significant mark in the legitimate policy adopted by the Islamic political regiem .From here came the divisions of the International law to legislate
distinguishing between warriors and civilians on the one hand and identifying the warrior who has to be fought and the one who has the international legal warrior protection on the other hand . Accordingly , the research hypothesizes that Islamic law has fixed the rules of the humanitarian international law , and by distinguishing between warrior and civilians it has determined rules and condition , and it has presented processings for what happens before in, and after armed clashes . Thus , it contributed in establishing and founding the current international law , and this is what the research has concluded.

the othmanin drawing and the regular drawing and the difference between them

haedar kaleel ismaeal

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 165-202

Any researcher is confined to the versification of the Holy Quran and is unable to go astray from serving its aims sticking to its knowledge , needing its bless, working hard truing to study what it contains of the incapacitation of the style and stupendous meanings . The Ottoman script is one of the Quran lores and I want to participate in studying this activity as others have done before trying to mix between the Ottoman script and the normal script dealing with it from the language point of view and the term point of view and what is related to their basics.
Then I started mentioning the reason of the origination of the Ottoman script beginning from the reason of gathering the Holy Quran during the reign of the caliph Uthman and showing the way of gathering and its characteristics and the number of duplicated Qurans .
Furthermore , I showed the different points of view between the Ottoman script and the normal script . I ended my research showing the conviction of following the Ottoman script behovingly and permissibly showing which is beter .

the social education in islam

anwar mahmood ali

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2010, Volume 4, Issue 7, Pages 203-233


The Islamic sociality education depends in its programs, directions, and building its identity and bases on the holly Koran and prophet's line of conduct with Al Mustafa's guidance (god peace upon him) with his followers and their stand from the subject of education in order to prepare the man for life and doomsday Where the details judgment took from Islamic judgments, even the methods of caring and educating children were leaned by man by his nature, but the wisdom legislator has established and limited the conditions that the education depend on in all time and place.
So this search included four chapters, the first one specified for methodical frame, where as the second one dealt with the nature of social education in Islamic method. And third chapter handled the styles of social education in Islam, while fourth one assured on the role establishments social education's role in Islam.
So there is no objection to add all what to lead to achieve the purpose, the fixed is the principle, and how to achieve it, can benefit from what is reached by the previous with adding the products of our experience and experiments of our time, as long as this not clash with Islamic principles.