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Volume 3, Issue 6

Volume 3, Issue 6, Autumn 2009, Page 1-170

Al-Wagidy wrote the prophets syra

read hashem hadi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 1-43

This simple study aimed to show scientific show and Academic to a broach of one of the most famous and great one of the Al-Syra writers and Al-Magazi (Al-Wagidy) who wrote the prophets syra with a scientific and accurate way by a book which he called (Al-Magazi) having three chapters for the orientalist erudite Marsdn Gons and for this kind of study we try to offer this writer by returned the tales and offered it to all people emty as much as possible of additions which is not necessary.

the dialog and its effect in the peacefully to coexist among Muslims

manhal yehyia ismaeel

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 45-67

Praise be of the almighty (Allah) and peace and prayer be on his messenger Mohammad (PBUH).
The greet Islam in every time and place faced a big challenge and with houndred of the almighty god has the ability to removed it and defeated it and able to control it , the Islamic today faced the new challenge and it is completely different to another challenges. It is not challenge between Islam and its enemies from the unbelieves the enemy of the religion it is the challenge among Muslims themselves.
Without any doubt the man has desiring to make the dialog and to quarrelsome. And has the desire to convinced as the almighty Allah said (( man is ever more quarrelsome than anything )) alkahif.
This research titled (( the dialog and its effect in the peacefully to coexist among Muslims )) to explain the disease and the drugs till the Islamic society has been fixed and include the peace and peaceful , the Muslims tooked there role with the mercy of the almighty Allah in order to giade the whole universal bye the ability of Allah.

the Position of an organizations of ispartia and AL dawia from the war of al naser salah alden al ayobi

musaab hmadi najem

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 85-114

During the first half of the Sixth century A. H. / towlevth century
A. D., Syria witnessed the emergence of two religious organizations, which are the knights of Hospitallar and the knights of the Temple. At the beginning, the objectives of these two organizations were charitable and humanitarian. After that they turned to be military orders, which had an important role in terrorizing Muslims, killing them and supporting the crusader’s campaigns against Syria.
These organizations had a hostile attitude Toward of Saladin since 573 A. H./1177 A. D., and what accompanied that when the knights of the temple order started the construction of the Jacob ford stronghold to observe the movements of Muslims and limiting their attacks at that area.
Our study tackled the military role of those orders when they took part with the Prince Arnat in their aggression against Muslims in Syria and Arabia in 577 A. H./1181 A. D. and when they attacked the trade caravans and looting them. The two organizations a vital role in the battle of Hettin in 583 A. H./1187A. D., in which Muslims achieved a critical victory over the crusaders. In addition to the role of these two organization in defending city of Sour against the Muslims' siege in the same year and striving disparately to keep the city.
The study dealt also with the political role of Gerard Redford – the leader of the knights of the temple – who establish Guy de Lusignan on the throne of Crusade Jerusalem Kingdom (582-591 A. H./1186-1194 A. D.). In addition to that he overwhelmed King Guy de Lusignan and his political and military decisions and he induced him to fight in the two battles (Hetttin and Fountain of Cresson against Muslims without indifferent to the advises of the prince of Tripoli Raymond III. Finally, the Knights of Hospitallar and the Knights of the Temple participated in the events and the battles of the third Crusade campaign, especially in the battle of Arsoff in 587 A. H./ 1191A. D. which was won by the crusaders.

the wedding and its legal conditions

mhamad zaki hussen

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 115-153

God created the earth, then he created the living creatures for reasons known only to the creator of the life. He choose the human being to be his worshiper successor. Both tasks require submission and obligation with God is shariaa is spiritual, notional and mental rectification. Also they require a commitment to the edification methods of the willful actions and behavior due to the fact.
The sexual instinct is one of the components of the internal a law for its acceptable and legal behaviors with the indication of its limits to ensure the psychological health of the person and the stability of the society.
The Islamic education and roles organize the human actions, freedoms and his behaviors. Also it organizes his motives desires and in tincts in order to symmetries this natural motives and desires as well as directing them to where they should be directed to form a complete human personality to achieve the same goal on the right path without any conflict between the inclinations and desires, “This is the right path of your God, we clarified our verses for the people who remember” Anaam Genesis (sura) verse No. 126.

the women advices (the marrige )in the al jahelia period(anaylistc study)

jumana mhamad naief

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 6, Pages 155-170

As this topic gets a greet importance coming from traditions and customs at that time and due to the need to follow this generation with so many characters and features in which Islam has enhanced later. Thus, we tackled this topic by speaking about an important side of life which has a direct connection with building a family based on harmony, love, cooperation and respect. This topic has advises and guides mentioned in this paper trying to remember our literary and moral heritage and to comeback to the wisdom of our grandfathers who used these things to organize their life correctly