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Volume 3, Issue 5

Volume 3, Issue 5, Spring 2009, Page 1-247

the Commentary Scientist during the writing of the Prophet Sera ((AL tabari for example))

read hashem hadi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 1-53

This study came to falls light to the role of the Commentary Scientist during the writing of the Prophet Biography. Therefore it was during the privies time those who wrote of the Prophet Biography who enough the people of Al-Magazi and Biography who the owner of the history and novels and there is no role for the others in writing the biography and it seemed that is correct for the first time but if belong to the writers who are owner of the art and will be served them which decided them without any other details during there works, showing the events of Prophet biography. Therefore this study came to rendering the role of the commentary scientists during the writing of the Prophet biography.

The Interdiction and its Evidence Adopted by the Principle Researchers

kaldoon waleed hassn; ahmed hameed saead

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 55-87

The general concept of Islamic jurisprudence is command and interdiction. Interdiction is considered as the half of the whole Islamic Legislation. The analytical method in our research, The Interdiction and its Evidence Adopted by the Principle Researchers, is to have a look on the scholars arguments in its limits and aspects and requirements and mentioning the ideas of the scholars with comment and explanation. The research provided the meaning of interdiction in the language and as a technical term and its aspects, meaning and requirement. Prohibition and about the multiple the instant and the absolute interdiction concerning the legality and the interdiction of necessary description and the difference between worship and social relation and the evidences concerning the interdiction in social relation. It is clear that fields of principles of jurisprudence investigation are considered of the important investigation which deserve to be studied and researched and investigated because they put principles for the Nobel Islamic Legislation Branches and it is of great importance and meanings which make people of art of different ideologies argue with each other. This argument produced its fruit to ease the legislation for the community and God guide us to the path the best sponsor and the best who possess power.

النزاع على السلطة بين المماليك الأتراك والجراكسة (785-795هـ/1388-1392م)

faez ali bekeet

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 88-107

Egypt witnessed large disputes on power between Turkish Mamlookians and Sharcass for on decade problems and internal plots were provoked by the personal envoy of the emperors to get the leadership .
The dispute has appeared for the throne after the Jarcass,s arrival in 784/1387 which led the Turkish emperors and their Mamlookians of Yalbighaya to rebel against the Jarcass to take the power The centeral authority took Severe penalties against the Turkish to Stop their rebalance as exiling outside the country and killing for the suspected persons the policy followed by the Jarcass led the Turkish leaders to reliance specially Mintash , the vice leader of Miltayas City and Al-Nasiry the vice of Aleppos City who rebelled against the Jarcass emperor Barkook and exiled him to Karaks Castle but this was of on benefit , the Jarcass Could kill all the Turkish rebels , which led to settle down all the political life in Egypt until the coming of Othman

athlileeth fortify its building and its role cross the war

fathee salem hmmedi

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 109-131

As Knowen that the Cross Wars even if it is different in their aims , it was very good chance for the meeting between Islamic east and European west During the Middle ages era , in the different Civil and war fields , after that many results of these wars are seemed , the focus one is developing of fighting and their ways that is because the military conflict between the two sides during the fighting battles , the building Castle in the east considered from the defence ways So this building of Castle (Athileeth)(615 A.H/1218A.D)considered as aresults of the Cross war in general and the fifth Cross war praticully which Jerusalem King leading it (the Cross Jan Dibreen(615-618A.H/1218-1221A.D)to invade Egypt.
Athileeth Castle having its importance and its renown from its Geographic state and its big Castle which make it one of the most important of the Palestinian airport and mak it the only way to arrive the goods from the west to the Cross in Al sham country during the last period of the Cross war , being at coatstal road which attaching between Hyfa and Kaisaria.
When the final agreemant has been Fixad above the building of Athileeth Castle , this mission give to Al-Dawiya institution , this institution complete the building during the year(615A.H/1218A.D) and finished the mission at this year it self after that it become the main center of Al-Dawiya mission during its last days , they remain tell Al Mamloki era , when Al-Dawiya seen in the Athileeth Castle that Alshami coast become emty from the Cross , they escape by the road sea , then Islamic People entered it forcibly at sixth of shahban of ( 690A.h , the fourth of August 1291 A.D ) after that it rimain for aperiod it continue about seventy five years, and the Cross lost every thing anthe Coast sea , and then All the Arabic –Islamic earths from Al-sham country had been purify from the available of the Cross after that AlSultan Al-Ashraf Khalil came back to Cairo , and they make the ceremonies of the party as arejoicing to this great happiness and victory

harut and marut and the thought of sciences on him

omer abd-alwahab alkehla

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 133-184

This research received great attention with controversary sayings about it as al – Qasimi said in his interprctation (is anarration for auother art of the Jews aberration and astray after taking away the God's book and the book in their hand when they followed what the evil ones gave out against the power of solomon of magic and blaspheme , and that he gained that power becanse he knows the magic in a ddition to apostasy and in fidelity for reasons they invented upon him , but the lord innocences him , and instead the God inheres the blaspheme on those evils who are misleading the minds and awareness by teaching magic via attributing the effectivness to others then the Glory God and keeping away from the right path while wanting it crookedness.
We note in this research many long sayings and that was our iutention to make the reader be awareness all what have been cited about this story and also that thin research has collected the matters cited in the past and at the present which concerning this story. this research is not only reviewing the narrations as itis seen from the first glance but also intended to the study , investigate , showing its correctnss , its strength and its acceptance mindly in such away that we cite the sayiny on the one hand and then the answer about it on the other hand. I postpond the prefernce of some problems to the conclusion part in order to make the scholar's openion clear and saccessive. The reason that led me to choose and write this Subject is the occurance of an extensively different openions concerning the many detials of the story. So this research emphesies on " Harut and Marut story " which many narrations are mentiond about , and because some of then narrations are odd , I didn't mention them. I hope that I present agood work for God religion , and if
there is some thiny wrony I hope God forgivness.

The Muslim Brothers, they interested in political reform in Egypt

hashem hassn hussen

Collage of Islamic Sciences Magazine, 2009, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 185-225

Since the rise of The Muslim Brothers, they interested in political reform in Egypt according to the Islamic principles and social requirements, which started with individual, family and then with society. Political side was the more significant part of it, also dialogue, political participation and others acceptance. They took part in the Egyptian people council elections firstly in alliance with AL-wafd party and gained few seats.
The 2005 elections were the most important for them in which they won 20 per cent of the seats and became the greater opposition power against the ruling party. The larger reforming program pursuant to their ideas, that presented by the general adviser Mohammed. M. Akif in 2004 of which strengthen the presence of The Muslim Brothers in Egyptian political future.