All the praise is for god we always praise to him and asking him to apologies ,and we refuge for our devil self and from our bad works ,those who Allah guide him has no bad way for him ,and those who make bad deeds has no guide to him and we testify .that there is no god but Allah and Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is his prophet and his messengers and then .
Al-malikia school was distinguishing among other schools in its originals and its kinds ,it is in the first of the other doctrine schools concerning of its guidance and bigger ,this different kinds and the bigger make this school have many characteristics ,at least what we have said that it obtained the renewal and praise that make it the first one among the other with some originals and from one of these originals which concord the great place among others doctrines ,the original is the (the consideration of differences )this one considered make al malikia school far from the closing and confine ,and in addition of that it gave it the sort of (al-wassatia) and go to the justice sayings and the success one and make with it a wild sky in order to accept the other saying and there guidance .
One of the good speaker has said that al-malikia –sheikh abul al-abaas al-Qabab may Allah have a mercy on him (it is from the beautiful of his faith ). Al-shatibi may allah have mercy on him has said about his "and there are many examples ,he keep with this the original ,because it is very useful".
For the useful of this original and of what they are saying about it .I would like to fall a light on this point with some details with showing the main definition the original of the consideration of the difference about it and some other things which concert to it through the book al-thakhira by al-qaraphi Allah have mercy on him ,and I divided this study to ،introduction ،four section ،end ،.list of references