Human is a respectful creature since creation of human until die. To prove this fact is the creation of human and all things that God is granting to the human such as mind, power. To prove this fact, the books from the Heaven (Torah, Bible, and Koran) include some punishments, in order to achieve protection and dignity, and in the justice base.
But it is deserve to notice that there is a different between Holy Books in Punishments and the method of these punishments, although the source of these Holy books is the same source, which is The Great God. Are these differences protect human dignity? If we know that the aim of all these punishments are to protect human dignity and human rights.
It is deserve to say Torah includes many rules and punishments, that they have a relation with life. But it will be noticed that lots of these difficult punishments are to destroy people except Jew. Also some of them are not possible and human brain can not accept them. When the Bible came, had not a new legislation, but it accepted the same Torah legislation, it means that the legislation of Bible and Torah is the same.

But when the Holy Koran came with a new legislation and different with Bible and Torah, in many aspects, it was insist on justice and human rights and far from hypocrisy, also it was insist on achieving human dignity and the holy of human and humanity, and so far from cruelty during carry out of these punishments.
In order to explain these facts, we thought it is better to do an investment to the present study.