Of the most important reasons for the optional writing in this thread: What ails Muslim families of a rift between the couples, regardless hating one another. And spread nushooz between couples, which is one of the most serious diseases affecting communities and families, which leads to the spread of divorce among couples. And ignorance of a lot of couples on how to treat spouses willful defiance, and because keeping their distance from the Koran, and the lack of understanding of him. This research has been divided on: introduction, preface, and two sections, and a conclusion. Speaking in front of the importance of the subject, and his reasons optional, and Divisional to search. And dealt with in the boot purposes of marriage, which is the law of God to marry her. The first topic: it has shown definition nushooz , and its causes, signs, has made him a central demands. The second part: it dealt with the treatment of nushuz. Has made him the three demands. The conclusion, has shown the most important findings through research and the most important of which is: Most of the reasons nushooz due to ignorance of the rights and duties of both spouses. The best treatments for problems and diseases of the family and the community at all treatments are divine set by Allah in the Holy Book. Should not be the intention of the use of therapy is revenge and humiliation, humiliation and torture, to the extent that it is meant to reform and preserve the family from loss and dispersion.