The Muslim community is distinguished from other communities a number of features made him the right of a society unique did not know the human society, like where the collection within it these features offices, to be a model , and set an example when sensible human beings, as the distinctive character of the Muslim community, is that society coherent, solidarity, coherent, of his career to the provisions of Islamic law, and serve indicates Panthajh to the True to its behavior, have been drafted his Islamic education, Vantabat characteristics of this education, firm and hard approach, which is the golden rule of the Muslim community which's shaped by Islamic teachings.
These distinctive features is that you earn the Muslim community sources of immunity and the ability to deal with factors scramble civilization, and adapt to the climate of each environment, without inspecting the strengths and attributes of excellence, or for cultural identity, or civilization, and in our research we will try to shed light on the the most important cultural traits and characteristics RPR by the Muslim community and that are in the understanding of the cultural construction characteristics of the community, taking into account the fact that experienced by the community, trying to zoom in so that there is no breath Anthropology for such a topics.