Designed this research to identify the problematic relationship of reason and transport when al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd in terms of Tratibip the relationship between the mind and transport, and the Department of the limits of their respective fields of knowledge, and reveals the episode illustrated, including the possibility of reform of the mind, in order to build knowledge on the basis of legitimacy and the mentality of a logical sound to allow exchange roles and arranged according to fixed laws.
The reasons which led us to look into this problem are:
1- Not convinced Bastdalalat some theorists thought the Arab-Muslim, who raised him valuable philosophical, intellectual creativity, and painted a picture of this thought does not leave the role of the student Impersonator not renewed.
2- and found the talk Averroes-Ghazali, a model of rationality may not come out of the context of reconciling faith and reason, which has rekindled speculation about al-Ghazali in his responses to al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, with variation in the value of Substances of this debate and its origins and philosophical approach in dealing with texts and understand them.
3-re-read the order of the relationship between the mind and transport of Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd, as too hard on the sloppy and non-Almtthbt Almchaeih from the borders of philosophy, that easily stands on core issues easily, and distinguish between the arguments and evidence of mental metastasis. It is also difficult to detect the positive relationship that ties.
We also want to bridge the gap of studies related to speech Alrushdi Ghazali, on the bilateral and transport the mind, which is hoping to draw her horizons in contemporary thought.
This makes us stand on the fact that, although the difference between the temporal and spatial-Ghazali in the East, and Ibn Rushd in Morocco, but they agree in most cases, the assets of knowledge, cultural backgrounds and intellectual perspectives.
And will show through our study of the talk Alrushdi Ghazali said that Abu Hamid al-Ghazali attacked philosophers fear that penetrate their views within the law Vtvsdha, and the protection of religion from interference, especially at a time spread the views of words, ultra-spread philosophies of physical atheistic beliefs, and attitudes of serious theology of the time. On the other hand we will try to show also that all of philosophy and religion at Al-Ghazali areas Questions one goal, is to know God and draw closer to Him and reflect on its assets, and the development of human consciousness through the collection of knowledge and science, not the project philosophy adopted by Al-Ghazali, however a search for religious knowledge and access to a certainty.
As we will discuss the debate and analysis of some aspects of the scientific method adopted by Al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd, in order to detect details of the relationship between philosophy and religion, it is clear that the philosophical thought to resort to intuition and reason and common sense, and the thought of religious rhetoric and mystic to the Al-Ghazali does not dispense with this mental processes. And research plan are as follows: The first topic: knowledge at the Al-Ghazali and the relationship between the mind and transport.
Second topic: the dialectic of knowledge and presence in the context of the relationship of philosophy to religion in Ibn Rushd.
Section III: The causal hierarchy of the mind and transport when al-Ghazali and Ibn Rushd.