The manuscript belongs to AlAzhar Mosque library. It was written in 1861 A. D. and classified under the serial No. but the name of the manuscript copier was not mentioned.
The manuscript consists of six pages and each page includes two tablets and each tablet contains from 14 to 17 lines.
The manuscript deals with the rule concerning the plating of vessels using gold and silver and the permissibility of using that as well as the opinions of some scholars about that besides their opinions when the vessels are connected with gold or silver chain inferring the case through using certain grand books related to AlShafi'ee doctrine basically in addition to referring to the other religious doctrines.
I got acquainted to the manuscript writer through his name, his scientific life and the books he wrote. Then I copied the manuscript after I searched for another similar copy and never found it. After that, I studied the prophet's Hadiths included in the manuscript mentioning the cards of the books in details. I also mentioned the names of Fuqahas and scholars who presented their opinions within the manuscript and I also studied several issues that need more clarification in the footnotes. In the end of the manuscript, I made a table containing the bibliographies of the Fuqahas I quoted in the manuscript and the study was concluded with the references I used in my work.