The present study deals with types of effective readings of the Holy Quran. The effective reading means the reading that affects the reader, and then it turns into action, achievement, invitation and change. i.e., the verses turns into manner of life.
The study consists of six chapters. Chapter One, the reading of speculation (that makes the reader realizes secrets and keys of the Holy Quran) is presented .Chapter Two discusses the reading of knowledge which makes the reader inherits the glory, richness, health and pleasure. In Chapter Three deals with the reading of expose and accounting through which the reader realizes his position before Allah, whereas Chapter Four Reading of active reverence and positive sadness, which gives the reader vigor and vitality to change, is shown .Chapter Five deals with the reading of work which forces the reader to do the obligations and prevents him to do the taboo. discusses the reading of hoard, which makes the reader stays in the paradise in Chapter Six.