This study aims at researching the fundamentals of pragmaticism´s philosophy and its effect on the establishment and the development of mental movement in United States of America , especially , its strong Link with political Community of America .
The historical and ideological studies refer to the effective role which the pragmaticism practiced in building the American political government system , especially , that pragmaticism has reinforced its roots in the land of experimental reality refusing any philosophical contents rising from idealism which is neither platonic nor Hegelian .
After more than 300 years , we see today the united states leading the world , and stakes on the opportunities of its maintenance being the sole pivot politically and scurrility . in the same time , we see it the tenders , in its language about peace , free world , human rights and democracy .
The inquiry maintains about the reality of the political logic of pragmaticism which comes to the minds . How can the American Masters function the two faces of pragmaticism in the one political paper ? !!