This paper studies the role of Aktham bin Sayf's and his affect on the Arab society before Islam because he had an active presence on the movement . of the society and had many contribution in different mental, social and cultural aspects and activities . The most distinguished of these are the following :-
1- Wisdom : He was considered as one of the most prominent wiser and was described as the wiser of all Arabs without any competent , what he had said before is suitable and applicable to most present situations .
2- Proverbs: Proverbs are considered as most important subjects tackled by the Arabic mental life as a literary expression of an experience man has lived or acquired through his daily practices, in addition of being mental vision meant to be a sample, and in all of this , Aktham proved to be excellent.
3- Oration: This was one of the mental aspects in the life of Arabs before Islam. At that time, the orator had a great position for his mastering of the language, ability to defend his people and being clear and obvious . Again , Aktham proved to be competent in this respect.