The study investigates the history of Jews in the region of Habasha in Africa)called the (Falasha) by discussing the origin on meaning of their name besides expounding their historical roots and the place from which they migrated and the reasons behind their migration besides their social,

economic, and political life conditions. The study also investigates the doctrines and codes of these people and the differences in those aspects between them and the Jews in the rest of the world. The importance of the study stems from the necessity to determine the history of the Falasha Jews and why the Zionists are contemporary interested in these people and why they motivated them to migrate to Palestine in order to increase the number of the Jewish population compared to the Muslims and Christians in the region although Jews despise the Falasha jaws because they have a dark complexion and they consider the blasphemous because they do not believe in the Talmud which is a standard of true belief among Jews.