Moses narrative is the most widely mentioned in the Holy Quran where their events deal with the details of Moses before birth till standing in the Holy Land . Allah has destined Bani Israel to wander for forty years in Sinai desert. So, this study deals with the event in the Quranic narrative selecting Moses narrative as a model for analysis.
The study consists of an introduction and four sections. The introduction identifies the concepts of the study: narrative and Quranic narrative. Each section analyses a prominent event, where section one entitled Moses exogenesis from Egypt to Madian, His marriage and His work. Section two includes the event of Moses asking for knowledge from the good servant. Section three deals with event of Moses invitation for Pharaoh to Allah. Section four talks about the event of Moses invitation for Bani Israel to enter the Holy Land and then entering the village.
The study adopts an objective and analytical study of the Quranic narrative to reveal its dimensions and references.