According to this study we conclude the following:
• Ibn Al Gharbili (May Allah save his soul) is a scholar in traditional and intellectual sciences.
• His status is evident basing on the great number of his sheikhs and the variety of his written material.
• Many books full of Ayahs and prophetic traditions have been written without gaining acceptance among scholars like that gained by his book (Fath al Qareeb al Mujeeb).
• The attention of Ibn Al Gharabili in rhetoric of terms with the linguistic and lexical meanings.
• His care in clarifying and explaining definitions of jurisprudential terms.
• His interest in making clear the reason behind choosing the names of the terms.
• His interest in linguistic preciseness of terms.
• The knowledge of the author in the jurisprudential material bared of ayahs and prophetic traditions.
"Our last prayer is that praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds, And prayers and peace be upon our master Mohammad as well as his companions".