Van of the mind of great importance in our Islamic care Islam attaches great importance because of its importance to the whole mankind, and Islam has me mind the attention not preceded another religion of monotheistic religions, it was stated his mind and his actions in the Quran. This is evidence on the grounds of reason and his status in the Islamic vision, as Islam forbids all inference based on conjecture; Because no avail of the right thing, and forbade follow fancy in inferred texts but to make the mind is the judgment in most things, especially the addressee by Shara is the mind, so that Shara had made it Dharoryate maintain the mind.
Mentality Mize God rights; because the origin of thought that made him the principle of perfection and the end of his honor and grace on the objects, and the advantage will and ability to act and harnessing of the universe and of life, including the blessing of the mind and deposited it from encroachment of perception and reflection, and the human mind ability to perception and discrimination and scrutiny it means rights to understand the content of revelation and put it into guidance and direction for the work of rights and building systems and life achievements.
Also, the mind including owns energies cognitive deposited God in him with an important role in the diligence and innovation to the Day of Resurrection; given the interruption of revelation, reason with him a role in the induction particulars and detailed evidence gathered by the concept of moral year, as the building of buildings of Justice, the total assets , and general rules.