After the dissolution of the Islamic Salvation Front in the March / March 1992 it became clear that the front eventually become has a political wing shall maintain its reputation as a political party, and a military wing is the Islamic Salvation Army, and in spite of the leadership of the front collapsed in the wake of the military coup in January 11 / January 1992, as many of them were arrested, while others fled abroad, but they were able to organize the external wing of the Front in exile and formed the executive abroad, which prepared the official spokesman for the front.
Able to the front of the alliance with some opposition political parties, in particular, which won seats in the first round of elections in 1991, primarily the National Liberation Front and the Front of Socialist Forces, in order to determine pieces the movements of the army and the demand constantly electoral process, has been crowned the Alliance signed the (national contract) in the Rome in 1995, which emphasized the question of democracy, and started the front give up political criticism of the constitution as contrary to Islam and took the embrace after the contract of the contract the national, as accepted democracy and popular sovereignty, which is accompanied necessarily accept political pluralism, including the tolerance of the current Communist Party and the secular, as well as other Islamic movements.
Came in 1997 to assure the Algerian Front has sought as much as possible to stop the violence and resolve the crisis, when the display wing of the political and armed power to declare a truce in order to stop the violence suffered by the street of Algeria, and in spite of that all the obstacles set by the Authority, particularly the accusations of Abassi Madani as a call to foreign interference in the country's internal affairs, and then issue a ministerial decree calls placed under house arrest, but despite all that she's authority, announced that the Islamic Salvation Front truce on September 21, 1997 in order to stop the violence and resolve the crisis and find a solution with armed group