Let us pause for with one of the most serious social problems in Iraq, a proliferation of spinsterhood, which has outstanding effects and dangers of the girl in particular and society in general, to try to find solutions to this problem, which gradually destroy our society and we do not know or do not we pay due attention to them, provide more than a year ago almost when the disease appeared Anfelonzha birds appear in our beloved country have sounded the alarm in all the houses and started families all looking for any way of shielding them from this deadly disease and raising awareness began to make every effort to reduce this deadly disease, and in my opinion that the threat of spinsterhood among male or female is the most dangerous of the Anfelonzha birds, and this is not the problem in our society, but the Iraqi problem in general, and for the purpose of throwing light on this problem and how to find solutions to them that I wanted to make my pitch and I am trying to eradicate this deadly disease, research has been the headline (spinsterhood and its danger to the community ) has faced many difficulties in the writing of this research, especially in the collection of statistics and the number of Ansin Spinsters,
The research was divided into three clear and Investigation:
The preface has been speaking about the virtues of marriage and to remain celibate in the rule of Islam.
The topic was first broached to the concept of spinsterhood and what are the salient notified?
According to the second topic and the reasons for spinsterhood and how to eliminate them.
The third topic was addressed to the role of: governments, the media in the fight against spinsterhood.
And then concluded the most important research findings.