Acts can be divided into two divisions:
The compulsory section is that man has nothing to do with it in creation nor in depiction, stomach movement, whether she/he is a male or female. This section man never asks nor is he awarded, nor punished on it. He is merely a creature for Allah be He exalted by the sect unanimously.
And an optional section in which man finds himself between two situations: thanks and path; the right and the wrong; debauchery and act, man's tendency, his allotment of on path other than another . Fatalism has gone saying that this section is Allah be He exalted creation, and that no access for man on that sooner or later. Man is a feather in the windward, altered by destiny hand in whatsoever manner it wishes, whilst the secluded said that man is a creator and elected. His choice is mere regardless what Allah's deeds were in connection with. Thus in their perception, man has become a creator of his acts, a founder of his deeds .Saharans have gone to prove a missing circle between man's compulsoriness and his absolute choice which is gaining.
Our research promotes the meaning of gaining , its evidence and the importance of its proof. Such matters and others are the research content.