This research aims at giving the accurate details of the messengers calling straqes (pray be up him), in the Mecca time particularly that is related to the stage of talking to the Arab tribes himself in pilgrimage times, Which was the final stage of Islam calling at that time, started in the tenth year of the expedition (Mission) probably in addition to.
Characterization of this stage comparing With other preceding stages and the style adopted by the honorable Messenger in his calling at that stage including the reasons that were behind adoption of such a new calling s style.
So, the calling was started secretly for (3) years, in the fourth year it turned into public but, it was gradual where the messenger did not move to a public calling directly. Out in the beginning his honor directed the calling to his closest relatives as described by glorious Quran who are his cousins like Abd-Manaf then in a short time the calling took the public way to all quraish people and Mecca's as well.
But a Mixture was made in the references between these two stages, the publicly made calling was held in terms of a warning to his closest relatives based on reasons mentioned before and the messengers move at the pilgrimage times to call the Arab tribes to Islam, the stage was divided into two ones first of which was the public calling to Islam, started in (4-9) of Islamic expedition and second was to talk to the Arabic tribes himself in the tenth year of expedition after Al- taief plight, concentration was made on this stage in which the messenger waived to those tribes not necessarily they would be converted into Islam on condition that they would protect and guard his honor until he would accomplish his religious call.
Also in this research there is a list of names of Arab tribes to which the of the Messenger talked in person and the debated he held with them and their attitudes towards his call, the total of the tribes mentioned by the referuces were (20) tribes only and this does not harmonize with a length of one time period of the pilgrimage seasons which continued for more than (3) months, so we preferred that all of them were the tribes to which the messenger introduced his call in one season, it is the pilgrimage season for the tenth year of the expedition in addition to the new style adopted by the messenger to talk the tribes in person, It indicates that this stage differs from the preceding stages which have started in the year (4-9) of the honorable expedition, reasons of his adoption of the new style were clarified in the study.