Description carries the reality to the mind of the receiver from a physical to a literary image, since the style of the Holly Quran is descriptive in its stories which express its aims. The choice of the Café story as a model for analysis of description in the Holly Quran is because this story contains four consecutive stories: The story of the cave people, the story of the two men, the believer and nonbeliever, the story of Moses and the good man, the story of Thilqarnain (of two horns). This results in variation in description and variation in forms of expression.
The work includes an introduction and two parts. The introduction specifies the concept of description and its functions. Part one deals with the types of description like the description of personality, events, place according to the contradicting duals: classificatory vs. expressive, objective vs. subjective, simple vs. compound and restrictive vs. free description.
The research adopted an analytical study of descriptive texts AL-Kahf story to investigate the technical and esthetic values and explores the significations of the study.