Prestigious houses in far Morocco were famous for their high level social status for the rulers and the common people .
There is no doubt that the status obtained by some of those houses was due to several reasons like the wealth possessed by them , the scientific status enjoyed by them , noble origin or possessing official positions .
Banu Fashtals were considered the most significant house appeared in far Morocco in the Age of Marinids (668 – 869 A.H. / 1269 – 1465 A.D.) . Being enjoyed by their statesmanship , they could access important and advanced positions in the state in the age of Mairinds , especially in the age of Saadia State (956 A.H. – 1022 / 1510 A.D. – 1659). They had great role in the cultural life and some figures of that house had accessed good positions in the state and left clear marks in various fields . them was judges , ambassador, jurist and authors .Moreover, they had distinguished religious and social role .
This research deals with the role of the Fashtals in Far Morocco at the age of Mairinds , the age of their prominence , and at the age of Saadia State . They accessed important positions and great position in the Saadian court .They became top figures in the Saadia State .