The research has showed an image about the life of Najem Aldeen Ayoob , the honest king , who was an Ayoobian character in the time when the Ayoobian became a weak and atorn out state and its statesmen are divided due to separation of their goals and interests contrary to the earlier image traced back to Salah Aldeen Alayoobi who was the hero of the Islamic resistance against the then powers .
The research has tackled the life of king Alsalih and his relationship with the Islamic political powers for the effects and objectives of this relationship on getting in line with the political process .
The first topic has included the life history of the king and a biography topic has dealt with his relationship with the Abbasid caliphate . , while the second discussed his relationship with Alkhawarzmimy .
The third topic covered his relationship with the Ayoobian princes one tacked his employment the Mamaleek in the Ayoobian army .