This paper sheds light on the history of Kiev Principality , its development throughout the historical periods and what it his reached of political status because of its economic and trading power . This research deals also with the strategically position of Keef principality as it connects East and West . It states the flourishing of Keef city which has become the center of this Principality in the middle age , when the Prince Roreek – the founder of dynasty in it – chose it as a Capital of the Principality , which has held the name of this city .This research refers to the end of this principality on the hands of Al – maghool who have destroyed everything in it : its economics , its human beings and its civilization .
Then it has become , occupied while its force has been reaching big areas before that . So, it has transformed into an unimportant city after living great periods of its rule as main Capital for kiev Principality . it can even be said that it has been the mother of all the Russian Cities at that time .