This research seeks to study the “Fiqh” (Jurisprudential) applications of the rule that “Faulty suspicion presents no evidence” which is one of the important rules and assumes the second class among the rules of “Fiqh”. This second class includes numerous issues along with wide-range applications which involve various topics of “Fiqh”.
A study of this nature is extremely useful and important in the sense that through such a study, “Fiqh” identical issues can be combined including the particulars and details added to similar items connected through a rule which brings them together notwithstanding difference in terms of subject matter and topics. This confirms the harmony of Shari’a judgments and clarity of defects which they highlight, and enhances modern researcher’s “Fiqh” talent in terms of deep thinking and diligent judgments. Yet, this study will lead the researcher to avoid any contradictory understanding and will also yield great importance for the “rule” through reinforcing its comprehensiveness and acceptance.