1- The subject is related to the fundamentals of the religion and Fiqh.
2- In this study we clarified the authenticity of the individuals' Hadiths from the glorious Quran, Sunnah, unanimity, comparison and reasonability.
3- We defined the individuals' Hadiths for the public of Fuqahas and for the Hanafi Fiqh.
4- We demonstrate the conditions of adopting the authenticity of the individuals' Hadiths for the Hanafi Fiqh.
5- Practical Fiqh examples in the fields of worship and transactions.
The most prominent results the researcher reached are:
• There is a correlation between the linguistic meaning of the individuals' Hadiths and the terminological meaning. So the definition, linguistically, becomes: It is what a small number of people relate from the others.
• There is a difference between the terminological definition of the public Fiqh and the terminological definition by Hanafi Fiqh.
• Other results were listed all at the end of the research.