The Muslawi Writer Dr. Imad Al Deen Khaleel (Professor Of Islamic History In The College Of Arts, University Of Mosul ) Came A field For Searching Since His Novel (Hurricane And Minaret) To The Consistent Technical mechanisms Which Concern Narration, Space, Discourse, And Description Excepting The Narrator Entrance From Time To time In The Novel to Talk Instead The heroes and Penetrating Their Special World.
The Novel Takes From the mosuli Environment Apace for Events And From the Mosul Revolution In (1959) A time For The Events For Presenting In Its light the Events Which Took Place Before The Revolution And After It In Five Dags Through Its Characters :Hashim Abdal- Salam, Salma And Her Fiance Assim Al-Dabagh, Her Father Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheikh Dawod, Younis Saeed Atalah, And Hana Jerjees.
So, The Research Came To Perform Its Study On The Dialogue Of The Characters Of The Novel Through Its Analyzing And Showing Its Technical And Subjective Dimension And Revealing The Indications That They Bring In An Introduction And Two Topics.
The Introduction Includes Determining The Concept Of Novelistic Dialogue And Its Function. The First Topic Concerns A study For ( The External Dialogue :Dual And Successive) From The Compound Dialogue (Analog tic Descriptive) The Symbolic Dialogue, And The Absolute Dialogue, While The Second Topic Concerns A study For (The Internal: The Single And Monolingual) From The Monologue, Or Soliloquy, And Dialogue Of The Conscious Current, Technical Restoration And Imagination.