This paper aims at shedding light on an important as pect of the history of Al-jarakisa Nation 784-922 A.H 1381-1516 AD . which could stand against the crusade power who have used many means to weaken Al-jarakisa Nation Among the prominent means is imposing Economic crusade siege on it.
The paper has shed light on the prominent European power represented by Qubrusian people Al-rawaadisa Al-kitlaneen Al-Jununieen by purtughaleen who tried to control Input and output trade foats into the areas of Jarakisa Nation power In addition to the focus on the policy which each king has used in facing the siege using the style of threat and the press according to the anternal circumstances of his nation its military posibilities by seizng European traders or seizing religious men and closing Doomsaday church . while some kings have followed the mean of attack ahainst crusade pirates Meantime some pf them asked the help of Otomantic Nation to face crusade power which enabled Al-Jarakisa Nation to resist in the face of the invaders about 138 year and impose its control on the most important Sea trede until the end of the rule and the formation Otomanic Nation in 922 -1516