Quran has many verses in which the miracle of matters relating to the daily life of society namely that the Koran is not only directed towards the individual prayer fasting anal relating affairs in worship but which of the commands on the affairs of mankind transactions and acts of warship in the story of Joseph peace be upon him lies in the viewer.

multifaceted the ethical aspect in the case of a woman who is Aziza woman and Kidd woman and the political side of administrating country and state that is reason made Joseph be appeared as the administrative planning that has taken place at the epoch of prophet Joseph: peace be upon him " because of inspiration and Devine revelation Joseph Eggplant from starvation.

Remain existing lesson to the kings and rulers it isn't climacteric to provide a multitude of respect to parents even if they were in the court yard of their rule and these based on prophet Joseph massage peace be upon him " to the kings and rulers Joseph was a submissive person to his parents and he prostrated to them with all his brothers…