The research tries to determine the denotation of "السكينة", "Quietness" and "الطمأنينة", "Tranquility" utterances through the context of the Noble Quran. The research shows that Allah, Praised and Exalted, added "السكينة" to Himself in three locations in the Quran, and that it has connected with the verb "أنزَلَ" in five locations. It has also revealed in time of war and hardship. The research shows that "الطمأنينة" comes in different forms in the Quran in thirteen locations denoting non turbulence. The research determines the denotation of the utterances referring to "السكينة" and "الطمأنينة", such as "الإخبات", "to be humble", "الهَون", "modesty", and "الوقار", "dignity". The research has shown that the Quranic utterances have special and particular denotations, being put, by the Omnipotent, in their precise locations, and that each word brings forward a new meaning.