Has begun to research the definitions of the terms contained in the title, a suspension and lift. Showed that lifting what is explicit and what is notional, and then embarked on a statement of the scholars who say after this formula suspended on the companion, and he does not judge her lifted never have offered their words and their evidence and arguments in support of their doctrine this. and then touched on the important issue in this matter solely with theme independent of the opinion of Imam Shafi'i Allah's mercy in this case and that the different transport him, he recalled some of it he saw the stay and stated others that he saw Z lifting, I have to single out this section to clarify to say Shafei and the correct statement and that his right to his opinion, as it represents God's mercy and the weight of the weight in suchmatters.
Then completed the final researches detective who was lifted up from the share of those who say that to consider of this formula was raised and that the suspended sentence for using rude their evidence in the adoption of their beliefs, with what has been mentioned of the responses to the evidence and the statements of most among mankind. The finished research conclusion included the most important findings of this study.