The stylistic analysis of the Quranic stories is categorized by the unequivocal features that give the narrated sequences magnificent and clarity .This emanates from the artistic expression and the coherent and the cohesive structure with which the Glorious Quran is characterized. Since the aesthetes of a text is unveiled by the stylistic study according to different levels of expressions, the research sets out to study the story of Moses ( Peace Be Upon Him ) stylistically , because it has always been described as the most recurrent verse in the Quran. As such , it needs varied contexts and renewed styles of expressions.

The research consist of an introduction and three sections. The introduction contains a list of the artistic objective features of the Moses 's story ( Peace Be Upon Him ) in the Glorious Quran .Then , the perspective and trend of stylistic have been identified .Each of the sections is dedicated to handling one of the stylistic levels. Hence, the first section is devoted to studying the ( Semantic level ),i.e., the semantic study of the utterances and the figures of speech thereof . Whereas , section two is for studying the ( Structural level ) of verbs and sentences. Finally , the third section sets out to study the ( Rhythmical level ) in terms of the narrative sequences and the sound rhythms.