It can be say that the science of the Al- Hadeeth defect is
the high protected and the noblest of the Al- Hadeeth science. So, its unable to the people of conservation and experience and understanding of thoughtful and therefore did not speak in which only a few , like ( Ebin Al Madini , Ahmed , Al-Bukhari, Jacob bin Abi Shibh, Abu Hatem, Abu Zaraa, and Al- DarKutnee) .
The )Al-Hakem) said: but defect in talk of rather than cut in the entrance to the argument in the reasoning our conservation and understanding and knowledge. Therefore, it was necessary to identify the most important reasons that lead to the illness if talk of these reasons an organized society did not occur in a book that was exposed ills with a book that the (Ebin Regep) book is the only ills, who spoke on the ills as a discipline has its bases divisions. Therefore, I decided to separates the reasons for the ills from independent but presented in separate places that I thought mixing as the beginning of a cause of the illness in addition to that he did not receive sufficient under and it deserves by study perhaps this is the beginning of the attempt in the arrangement for the information of theoretical ills as the beginning of this study.
Asking God Almighty to grant us success and that suit us what we learned and to teach us what that suit us, responsive to pray.