Trade is regarded as one of the most significant aspects of the economic life in the city of Mecca due to its position and barren valley. This had led the Meccis to develop their trade through drawing up plans and procedures. This can be easily recognized by the pledges and assurances demanded by Hashim bin Abd Manaf and his brothers from local tribes and others; being one of the effective and fruitful means to activate Mecca's trade at that time.
Trade caravans were considered as one of the best means adopted and employed by Meccis to carry their goods and expand their trade. Such characters were highly characterized by being well-organized regarding their leadership, their guards and guides.
Among the consequences of those consecutive and well-organized commercial caravans, Quraish trade flourished and their markets were accumulated with different kinds of goods. Due to the prosperous trade, Quraish was able to strengthen its financial and monitary skills as well as its relations and commercial ties with other tribes; the results of which were reflected in the social, cultural and economic standards of life.