When the Research was Terminated, we found that Abu Muhammad al- Muhallabi was a prominent written and a politician of his time .But despite this stature he suffered from distress and lack of money at his early life.
This state he has lured had very lear impact on his behavior appeared when he assumed his administrative and political posts. He began to spend money in a lavish and luxuriously way.
His literary and poetry talents enabled him to assume the post of (Al-Katib) which is parallel to the minister in our time. During the rule ofAl- Bowayheans he ascended in the high political pos due to his wisdom and cleverness. So he gained the trust of the prince of state. He was appointed prime minister by the Bowyheans Prince Mu z al-daula in the year 329 A.H. During this period he gained much knowledge and experience which made him eligible to be the prime minister in the Abbasid state and that is why he was called (of the tow ministries).
Abu Muhammad al - Muhallabi remained in this post more than 13 years. But in spite of the Cruelty he suffered from Mu z Addawla, he spent these years serving the state and the public as well. He was known of his help to lift the grievance from the others and rendering assistance and service to people. He giving them presents and grants He himself was known as a poet, who loves nature and enjoy wine drinking. He was army commander, he combats the Rebels against the state , He died in a military campaign in Uman.