Interrogation is a form of expression. It conveys accurate feelings and deep senses, causing in the psyche of the addressee much signals. There is no doubt that Quranic interrogation is an important device which cures human psyche and the situations that human bring live with what it hold of meaning and significances. Therefore, the subject of this research is the studying of samples of reported interrogation in Ibin Aashoor's book "Editing and Enlightenment" analytical study.
The paper is an attempt to state the opinion of Ibin Aashoor about interrogation and comparing his opinion with other imams and explainers. The research includes introduction which involves the definition of interrogation linguistically and terminologically. It also involves the tools of interrogation.
The paper has built on four topics which deal with the deviation of interrogation from its real meaning, clarifying the minor meanings of it and clarifying the denying reported meaning of interrogation. And then, analytical study of reported interrogation affirmed in Ibin Aashoor and the negation of it too. The research includes a conclusion which involves the most important result that the research has reached.