The Glorious Qur'an was and is in endless source for inimitability and eloquence . This unpretentious research tries to tackle some phenomena in this enriched and pure source . The research studies rhetorical phenomena in one of the Suras ( Chapter ) of this Holy Book that is Al – Qamar Sura ( The Moon Chapter ) .

This study is divided in to for rhetorical sections as follows : simile , metaphor , metonymy , and figures of speech . It is to be noted that the selection of these phenomena in this Sura has been achieved from the researcher's point of view as much as he could .

Analytically , the research tackles the most salient aesthetic features of these fhetorical phenomena . The researcher has made use of the references which include : exegeses and the ancient and modern rhetorical studies .

Finally , we ask Allah , exalted in his name , to award us for this work which has been achieved only for him .