For many and most important indicators the political raising Islamists in the Muslim world evoked the chance to accept the Islamists in parliamentary compete ,peaceful currency power ,Is the emergence of Islamic parties and their political activity a goal or a tactic .
However , the experience of Turkish parties , particularly Justice and Development party led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a model which left its mark on contemporary Islamic movements since the beginning of this century and to date no adversary ,how the evolution of consciousness and Islamic practice in Turkey so successful in pairing between Islamic principles firm and tradition experience of democracy in Turkey . There is no doubt , that Erdogan and his party did not emerge out of nonexistence ,but it is a descendant of a tradition that began to take hold on the political activity of the Islamists in Turkey by helding a parliamentary and constitutional position .It is known , that Necmettin Erbakan ,has established five parties , four of them were banned from engaging in political work ,but he did not consider the exercise of any act outside the common constitutional work in parliamentary life .
On the other hand ,Erdogan has found that the method of his leader Erbakan had reached an impasse and the traditions of the secular Turkish owed to Ataturk's presence closed the door completely in front of Erbakan and his perspective of the political and intellectual .He benefit from this lesson and provided a model eliminated in an intelligent way ,depriving his opponents and foes of the momentum it had enjoyed when they aborted upgrade Erbakan to power . The third issue is the activities and achievements made by Erdogan during his assumption of a number of important positions ,particularly management of Municipality of Istanbul ,led him to direct contact with the Turkish citizen and registered his success as a sincerely clean leader ,making his worries the citizen and community more than ideologies and slogans whether is Islamic or secular . For these reasons Erdogan’s success in sweeping his political rivals and getting a parliamentary majority to enable him to form a ministry in 2002 . This period of his presence in this position witness stabilized the political situation for the first time in contemporary Turkish history ,and Turks felt safely after long series of political upheavals between the right and left .