Imam Abu Al Qasim Othman bin Saeed bin Bashar Al Anmati Al Baghdadi Al shafiee is one of the most notable Shafiee Scholars .He was borne in Baghdad where he studied then travelled to Egypt where Imam Al shafiee setteled till his death . He was taught by Al shafiee two students Al Muzni and Al Muradi . He had a great role in publicizing Fiqh Al shafiee in Baghdad after his return where he became one of the great scholars . Many scholars were taught by him like Ibn Sureij , Al Istakhri , Ibn Kheeran and Abi Hafes bin AlWakeel. Imam Al Anmati was experienced in Hadith and Imam Ibn Khuzeimawastaughtbyhim.AlAnmatidiedinShawalin228AHinBaghdad. This study is a bioghraphy of this Imam and examines his Fiqh viewscomparatively.