Several criticizing subjects in the Arabic heritage are still straining under the intensive shade of confusion which prevents a clear vision of its significance in the eyes of our ancient critics which in return represents a stumbling obstacle on the road of the true nature of the criticized issues and attitudes mentioned in these topics.
The subject of 'The Problematic of Estrange' in the poem of Abi Tammam, is one of these vague topics. Although it has been referred to in many books of criticized heritage but still he used different concepts. Therefore the views of criticism became vary from one to another and from one era to era. Yet the view of one critic differ from one situation to another.
Thus the researcher' sense had the necessity to recognize the nature of these situations and adjust the term of 'Estrange' in its both positive and negative meanings, especially in the views of the critics. This sense was the main motive of my selection of this topic.
This study will investigate the following:
Introduction, Preface, Concept and the Location of Estrange, Estrange meaning by Authors, Estrange of Abi Tammam by ancients, Estrange of Abi Tammam by moderns, and the harvest critic concerning the estrange of the poet.
To erase the confusion and mystification concerning the topic 'Estrange of Abi Tammam' we must reveal the views of the critics who criticized him so as to achieve the goal in order not to offend the poet like Abi TAmmam who became famous by estrange .