When the scientific researches means to reach the fact to make the people have Acknowledgment of the truth one , So think that it will be fit that my research having two main aspectsThe furst aspect : The showing scinentific and make it not secrete who God command its fammly make it shown
(واذ اخذ الله ميثاق الذين اوتوا الكتاب لتبيننه في الناس ولا تكتمونه) The second aspect : To Show the favor of the clearer prohicy sunna and statement the great effort which do it by the correct and Al-Jareh Imams who mothey are mens sarresed AL-Sunna and memorized it after they memorized the Al mighty (Allah) from all mistake and whome claiming the doubt and suspicious in the novels and especially the narratives , and Al Hassi th’s Imams , So I found during his research hypotheisis to know it’s place , and the great Al-Jarah Imams and correct in the cridite
the novels especially the Imams, because we are in the time the arrows which faced to the purifie prophets sunna and the to the Al-Sunna narriate and the mark by the messenger of God (P.B.U.H) and which are very much of these arrows . For us we must to show the greate dangerous and shown the greate work for these men in the showing whom the Al-Haddi the narrative , and whome they are witness to this Sunna .
This research have the introduction and three researches and conclusion .