Our Islamic nation has a firmly established cultural heritage ,and despite the dullness ,discontinuity , and deterioration that came across it journey , it remained a vital trend Islamic in the sentiment and mentality of the nation .
Islamic message has came from the very beginning carrying monotheist religious spiritual doctrine .
The first trend of the political thinking was a political religious trend which evidently relied and crystallized through the Noble Quran and the honorable sunnah of the prophet .
Abu- Al- Hasan AL – Mawardi( 364-450) has contributed in building this trend and gaining its prosperous culture . He lived in tow big cultural cities , Basrah , Baghdad , gaining the patronage of the Abbasid Caliph AL- Qadir Billah (381 – 422 A.H.)
The ideological and political conflict at that period affected AL – Award pattern of thinking alongside with his jurisprudent opinions . the various forms of fighting to get power has led him to process and deal with the political issues .
Moreover , he was well – known for the abundance of authorship and ample productivity in various scientific fields , especially the religious, linguistic , literary , political and social ones .
The research tackles the subject in three section : the first is about AL – Mawardi biography and his books , the second tackles his thought and the third investigates some of his political thought . Finally comes the conclusion.