This paper studies tales of a follower who considered one of the most significant followers . He is Abu Abdullah Wahab bin Monabeh
Al -San'ani Al-Thamari the confident , the truthful who is described as
being the teller and the novelist .

Wahab bin Monabeh talks more than one language . He knows Greek , Syryan , Jewish , and Hameryah . He likes reading books too much especially those which are old and loves his country Yemen .
Wahab took care with the life of prophet Mohammed and his
raids .
This study depends on the book entitled , "Al-Ma'arif" of bin kutayba Abu Mohammed Abdullah bin Moslem (213 – 276H/823 – 889A.D) . Both his birth and death were during the Abbasid caliphate (132 – 656H/749 – 1258A.D) . We cannot forget those waleyes of Baghdad during the era of bin Kutayba , they were the scientists caliphates who wished to get knowledge and encouraged it . Therefore , Baghdad had witnessed a glory and flourishment and become a huge field for the rise of a scientific intellectual movement . Also , Baghdad had become a base for scholars , a capital for science and scientists ,
a place for students of Hadeeth and different sciences for all parts
of the world .