A mental judgment term is one of the most important thing in the entries of doctrine because understanding this term is very important in the researches of integration .The intellect judgment is divide in to three parts :
The obligation , impossibility and probability . Every one of these three main types can be Subdivided in to many types , But we can depend on these three main types as these are the aim of our studying the divisions of the mental judgment without the others .
For knowing the types of mental judgment is useful in the evidence of the existentialism of God because the probability or possibility which equalities their terminal the existential and the nothing less of God . He is found created and the witness round us . His existential depends on the impossibility or the obligation , because the possibility can't find it self . So he must be in advance in to himself , as he is only the create or to her . Or he is lately considered as a created to her . The advancing thing or to be lately is impossible because there is a clear contrast of immoral role of mental .
The impossibility can't be found because it isn't found basely and it is no affection . So we proof that it is found and it is the duty that is only Allah . All these proof the impotence of knowing the kinds of intellect judge in the science of doctrine .